Do not be afraid to ask!

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Do not be afraid to ask!

Post by Charon on Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:58 am

This is the place where you can post your questions to the moderators in matters concerning the Game. You can always use your private thread to ask but it would be better to do so in case of questions that must be for your eyes only. If you have any question about the forum, the rules or the game in general, please make your questions here. There might be other players with the same question, or even players who missed that part and an answer will help them.

Remember that there are no silly or unnecessary questions! If you feel that there is any doubt about anything, just ask! There might be something we did't see at first or something we have put in the wrong way. Moreover questions show us your interest on the game and how you want to experience it. So do not be afraid of asking, it will help everyone understand and enjoy the game.

Finally, I would like to discourage other players to answer questions unless they are 1000% sure about their answer. So it would be better to let us bear this responsibility.

We expect you questions!

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