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Games of Divinity

Post by Charon on Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:18 pm

Primal Chaos is a game about the conflict of gods and their influence over the world. These interactions (I like to call Games of Divinity) involve some game mechanics but there is a great deal of much more to it. It has to do with decision making, strategy, alliances and cooperation. Nevertheless even in divine politics there will be betrayals as well.

Keep in mind that:

In the Communications category there will be Forums labelled with the Gods participating. No other god will be participating in the Forum and if an Alliance wish to include new members, new forums will be formed for that purpose.

Scamming is Legal. There is no guarantee in your agreements and alliances. Any god might decide to deceive someone, betray an other or just promise to do something and then back down on his word. This is just fine, so be careful who you trust!

No screenshots are allowed. No one should post a screenshot in order to bear proof of any conversation or other activity.

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