Munkar , Lord of Bones ( Sample)

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Munkar , Lord of Bones ( Sample)

Post by Caranthir on Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:10 pm

"I don't remember when, just it. Fear, Euphoria, Anxiety, Calm, Pain, Nothing, it was odd."

Dominion : Death , Moon , Winter


  • History- When Munkar woke up it had no clue what was occurring. Finally there was light, then form in the void. Munkar felt safe, some form of succor in the light, and sadness from the loss of the dark. The being traveled with its ethereal wings and sought, something. A friend, an enemy, a love, a hate, a purpose, a failure, or an end? It wasn't sure but it just wished to find something other than empty space with islands of stars.

  • Personality- a very neutral and fair being. There are no living creatures to have died, as such Munkar has yet to find its calling. Once death happens though Munkar will find it can relive any creature's death, making it a rather empathetic deity. Core personality traits will always be objectivity and understanding. Munkar can be a sadsack though from constantly reliving deaths, and annoying from the its over inquisitive nature.

  • Goals- create an afterlife. If anyone else makes an afterlife, conquer and annex it. Call it a hostile business takeover. That's what you get for infringing on Munkar's domain. Also preserve the balance of the world. Too much life bad, too much death bad.

You can add (or subtract) anything you like , like Dogma, Appearance or any other information you like to share with the rest of Gods.
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