Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Caranthir on Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:06 pm

Two weeks left for the first Era to come to an end, put your last creations carefully.
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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Atlas on Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:35 pm

Create sentient race tile 1625

Name: Eldarians
Appearance:Tall with colourful hair, big pointy ears, vivid eyes, usually green and an attitude!

Size: 1,80 - 2,20 m
Lifespan: 200-250 years
Senses: The usual 5 senses plus enhanced sight!
Diet type: Omnivorous!
Habitat: Any place they like!
Reproduction: Usual sexual intercourse.
Society: They see outsiders as a good way to make trade, as long as the outsiders can play along. They enjoy the company of any one they have something to gain, though some specimens of high intellect might be proven more interesting for them.

Template & Traits:
Humanoid 20 points
Magic User: Magic is a gift, running in their bloodlines as wizards and witches. Capable of using magic from the simplest trick to the most demanding ritual.(+5)
Magical Ability Aptitude: They have a great talent in the arts of the arcane. (+4)
Magical Resistance: The magic in their bloodlines, grants them resistance in magic. (+4)
Mental Ability Aptitude: Their intellect is enhanced in order to make a good use of their advantages. (+3)
Tactical Mind: They embrace strategic thinking and instinctively seek for the opponent's weaknesses. (+2)
Resiliency: Their bodies can handle injuries and infections (+2)
Physical Ability Aptitude: They are creatures of great intellect but of great physical prowess as well. +2 (-1 Domain);
Heightened Sight(Aura perception): They can perceive a creature's aura, which can reveal to them a variety of information. (+1)
Majestic Appearance: They are beautiful creatures! (+2)
Warmonger: They can understand that war causes many troubles but they are able to find it beneficial! (+3)

Proud: They are smart, physically fit, beautiful and spell casters... what did you expect?  (-1)
Elemental Vulnerability: Acid (-2)
Territorial: What they claim it is theirs, because they deserve it. You'd better respect that! (-2)
Gluttonous & Greedy: They always want some more, because life is good! (-3)
Envious: Some times, what they have is irrelevant. It's what others have and Eldarians don't!(-1)
No sense of fear: Partly their merits, and partly their flaws, Eldarians cannot perceive danger.(-3)

Total 35 points

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Machiavelcro on Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:53 am

Create Sentient Race, tile 4231

Name: Mahokai
Appearance: Small humanoid
Size: 0.8-1.2 meters tall
Lifespan: 80-130 years old
Senses: Normal 5 senses
Diet type: Omnivorous
Habitat: Temperate climates, close to a reliable source of hardwood.
Reproduction: Male impregnates female.


The Mahokai are an industrious seafaring race. Having a natural knack for the design of ships and a voracious appetite that includes quite a few sea delicacies, the race spends most of their time at sea. It is said that at any point at least 1/3rd of the entire race is in boat somewhere, be it either fishing in the tranquil waters of the inner sea or ferrying their hardwood products for trade.

Ship building is their one true obsession. They dream and think of all sorts of ship designs: The wide and slow cargo liner, the sleek tall and absurdly fast clipper or the famously extravagant Head of Houses carrack, they have a solution for every possible seafaring need.

Their society is divided into Houses, and each House works in a way as a company. The Matriarch runs the manor and the shipping, the Patriarch runs the ship building and the wood harvesting/preparation. Decisions regarding each side of the family business are left to the respective head, unless the decision affects the fate of the entire House. At that point, a majority of votes of all members of the family is required, with either of the heads having the power to veto the decision.

Templates & Traits:

Humanoid : 20 points

Small: -3 points - They are small compared to other races. Everything around them is designed to fit their needs, but they are still quite small.

Diplomatic Prowess: 2 points - The Mahokai instinctively know its easier to cath flies with honey rather than vinegar. A sweet word there, a false gesture here and something can be had for nothing, or atleast very much below the projected market value!

Skilled shipwrights: 2 points - From selecting the right tree, to separating the log into even sections to avoid waste, to selecting the section that will yeld the planks with the right grain for the right part of the ship, nothing quite drives this race as much as the process of ship building.

Skilled sailors: 2 points - All Mahokai are trained from birth on the inner working of their ships, on interpreting the weather and its patterns and how to survive at open sea. You can only really know how to improve a design once you've spent a few voyages on it!

Skilled fishermen: 2 points - Delicious skate, juicy cod, a good dash of sea urchin row with cream and grilled onions.. This race loves seafood and every single one has their own time of the day where they go and fish for delicacies while thinking about the days events.

Heightened Sense: 1 point - They spend a good portion of their life at sea, constantly looking at the horizon. Their vision is heightened, being able to distinguish if one of their ravens is carrying a long winded scroll or nothing at all as soon as they appear in the horizon.

Gluttonous and Greedy: -3 points - Food is a Mahokai's ultimate bodily pleasure. They eat with a voracious appetite, consuming quantities that defy logic for their size. The standard 7 meals a day are a clockwork part of their routine, normally finished with astonishing speed.

Envious: -1 points - While boats are their passion, the burning desire to aquire as much wealth as possible to fund their crazy designs and ideas leads them to always seek ways to part others with their gains.

Pacifist: -3 points (bonus from family) - Destruction and violence is abhorrent to this race, they see it as an irrational loss of wealth much better spent elsewhere. If the time to defend themselves comes, plans will have been made to either be out of harms way or have someone else intercede in their defence.

Proud: -1 points - It takes quite a bit for them to admit they are wrong about something. Especially when it comes to their craft, their very frequently inflated sense of self worth tends to get in the way of rational discourse.

Total Points: 18

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Chloris on Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:25 pm

Name: Les Beaux                          Tile 5131

Here is a sample of a handsome young man and a beautiful girl on their prime.

Size: Shortest woman is at 70cm and larger male at 1,10m

Lifespan: 80-100 years

Senses: Normal senses

Diet type: Omnivorous. They love souffles, croissants, all kinds of puff pastry pies and coq au vin! And of course cheese...

Habitat:  Temperate climates, woods, lakes, rivers.

Reproduction: Normal fornication, 6month pregnancy.  One child at a time.

Having a telepathic bond between them makes things easy for them.  Talking is difficult. There are so many words that are not accurate enough. How can people have the same word for a new tool, an old tool, a well-crafted tool and an improvised tool! Talking is a bother for them!
The Beaux have a strange democracy. Sharing so much every day, being connected to one another so deeply, they tend to have similar opinions and even if there are disagreements, it’s never about opposite opinions as much as it is about different ones. They have a council of old ones and a few representatives of the young but they donnot govern. They are the ones that solve problems and discuss solutions. Decisions are made by vote.
They are creatures of infinite questions. They realized that the world has so many secrets, so many treasures to reveal!  They are philosophers and academics, practitioners of the magic arts and crafts.
They are generally unfriendly. Foreigners are usually trouble. More trouble than they are at least. They demand too much talking and too much time and you just can’t work or concentrate!  Still they are neither aggressive or indefferent. They will be grumpy and possibly offensive, but if they can help with their abilities and if you promise to stop busting their balls they will help you. Of course there's the case where they need to experiment...  
As a race they don't care about much about anything but their craft, but they are not without a heart or morals. They won't run to help you because you felt and hurt your knee, but when there is a real issue to be addressed and they can do something about it, they will.

Positive and Negative Traits:

Mental ability aptitude: [/color]I gave these people a beautiful mind that never sees problems. Only possible solutions. For every obstacle they find, they rejoice for all the possibilities that lie before them. It’s progress, that’s what it is! They see patterns, they can put things together like puzzles in their minds. They are brilliant! 3p
Hive mind: 5p
Magic user:
Nature, healing and creation are their strongest magic domains. This is the power I blessed them with, these are the domains of magic that these creatures can excell in. Special ability: They can see someone’s (or any creature’s and plant’s)  physical condition at will. 5p.
Skilled: Alchemy: Sometimes magic can prove to be just an easy way of doing things that you have still to understand. Alchemy is different, alchemy is understanding, evolving your mind and thoughts, utilizing your Goddess’ gifts. Alchemy gives you ideas, it gives you potential. It is the magic of the land itself! As long as you use Alchemy to understand the world, your magic will get stronger!  2p.
Skilled:metalworking 2p.
Skilled:mining 2p.
Tactical mind: 2p.
Strong willed:
These people are never trully alone. They can always reach out for help or guidance at a time of need or self doubt. This is something that gives them courage and confidence, staying strong behind everything they stand for. 2p.
Magical ability aptitude 4p.

Small -3p.
Trouble makers -2p They are mages and alchemists... things go wrong...
Petty appearance -2 You'd think that at least their babies should be cute! They're not!
Unfriendly -2  “I cannot stop my research every time someone wants to say hello and bring a pie! You wanna be a good neighbor? Leave the pie on my porch and shoo! I’ve got work to do!”
They find their occupations to be too important for anyone to interrupt them for no good reason. If you have something to say spare them the niceties and cut to the chase. If it's serious they'll listen.
No sense of fear -3 Their curiosity about the results of actions sometimes surpasses their sense of self preservation.

Total Cost: 35 points
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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Orabelle on Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:11 pm

Sentient Race - Nudies   TIle 1215

Appearance: Humanoid creatures with imposing and fine bodies and animal-like legs. Their whole body is hairless regardless of sex. Also huge bat-like ears caparison their head
Size: Height: 1,9 – 2,5 m.
Lifespan: 90 years
Senses: All 5 senses
Diet type: omnivorous
Habitat:  Warm climate - they like living at the edge of forests
Reproduction: Once a year the females get pregnant from the males. Pregnancy lasts for 4 months where 2 to 3 kids are born. They come of age at 16
Society: Their society is made of families but in core it's collective. They have basic need sectors where each big family runs them. Every Nudy, coming of age, must choose a sector to work for the good of the race. They have no private properties but having bigger family, they get to need bigger space that way creating their own little districts and limits.

Template Humanoid
Physical Ability +2 __ Their legs are strong and made for travelling long distances, running fast, jumping high etc.

Mental aptitude +2 __ Their belief that everything works with action - reaction and their high intellect makes them incredible in understanding and solving mysteries around how things work, either artificial or natural.  (God power -1 )

Prophetic +5 __ Whenever something terrible is about to come to them, their race (or their ‘seen as’ allies and friends), their eyes whiten for a second. In that time they see what is about to be if no extra action will be taken

Adaptive Learning +3 __ Not only they are fast learners but they have an innate desire to learn and understand everything

High Fertility +4 __ Being a part of tradition, Nudies try to have as many kids as they can as symbol of power. The bigger the family the most they have contributed to their society and at the same time they are most precious and respected.

Diplomatic prowess +2 __ They are always kind and on the subject. Talking with this race gives you the feeling of comfort and reasoning.

Elemental Vulnerability (Ice) -2 __ Their bodies are not made for cold, parts of their bodies may freeze and dispatch if not covered and warmed

Light Sensitivity -2 __ Even though their bodies need warm climate, their eyes are not able to see clearly at midday. Their vision blurs at noon hours, that's why they prefer living close to forests where shadow prevents that effect

Proud -1 __ Nudies are not proud of themselves, individually but all of them are proud of their race and society. They wont establish any kind of relation with races that do not respect them

Total cost: 33

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Nyeroth on Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:46 am


Location: 5307

Appearance: While resembling humanoids, a number of features make the Taikaroths stand out. Namely, their eyes are completely white, their hair is usually white or silver and they stand about 4 meters tall.

Lifespan: 100-250 years.

Senses: Their senses are nothing unique, but they don't lack anything either.

Habitat: While they have no physical or biological preference, they tend to choose places out of a tactical perspective.

Diet type: Omnivorous

Reproduction: Taikaroths share a bond of magic that may produce an offspring every 6 months.

Society: Taikaroths are as close to a physical embodiment of magic as you can find on this world and as such, their society is closely integrated with magic. They live in a strongly bound societies that has the belief that they exist to spread the power of the Prime of Magic to the whole world. That being said, they are excellent tacticians who are able to distinguish the near future goals and long time goals of their actions and strive to be as effective as possible.

Magical Ability Aptitude (Taikaroths are really blessed by the Prime of Magic)
Magic User (Taikaroths are really blessed by the Prime of Magic)
Warmonger (They understand that spreading their message doesn't often come with peace)
Tactical Mind (They believe they need to spread the powers of the Prime of Magic but can distinguish between short term goals and long term benefits)
Strong Willed
True Believers (Taikaroths are really blessed by the Prime of Magic)
Magical Resistance (Taikaroths are really blessed by the Prime of Magic)
Natural Armor (Magic) (2) (Taikaroths are really blessed by the Prime of Magic)
Tracking (Lifesense)

No sense of fear (Their safety sits in the backseat when it comes to reaching their goals)
Proud (They feel like their are directly infused with magic and feel proud about it)
Short Tempered
Eccentric Palette (They like trying new food that they infuse with magic to discover new flavours)
Offensive to animals
Lunacy (Every fullmoon, the magic within them, can drive them crazy and they lose their ability to communicate verbally. Attempting to do so causes great migraines to them)

Total 35

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Nyama on Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:17 am

Create Sentient Race: Tile 4627

Name: Felsor
Appearance: They are humanoids with  a really hard skin, because it is made partly of rock.

Size : 2,5 - 4,8 meters, they are large creatures
Lifespan: 80 - 100 years.
Senses: The usual five with some advantages.
Diet Type: Felsors can eat everything but not necessarily because they are hungry.
Habitat: They are more comfortable in rocky places, with mountains or  just harder ground.
Reproduction: The same way as humans do.
Society: Felsor community is really close to their holding ground. They are not so good to new
acquaintance but they are not hostile for no reason.
Template: Custom 20 points.
Physical Ability Aptitude: Felsors can stand more than enough in a fighting field, they do not get tired that easy. +2
Magical Resistance: They are just even tougher than they look. +4
Large: +3
Brave: There is nothing that will make them think twice.+1
Natural Attack: Their rock solid punch is fatal when they hit the right spot. (Free 1st age power)
Heightened Sense:
1) Voice, they make a sound really low to the ears of anyone that is not a Felsor, just to communicate and warn for any danger.
2) Sight, they can see perfectly twice the normal sight.
3)Hearing, just to hear that special sound they make in times of need, is one of the advantages. +3
Elemental Resistance: Fire, they are really good at withstanding longer than normal, when fire would burn you , Felsors are Hot. +2
Natural Armor: They are half made of stone. +3
Regenaration: They can regrow their human parts as the rocky surface protects them. Ice can consume some power from their form. +4
No Sense Of Fear: They don't see why you wouldn't fight someone who is stealing from you, your house, your land, you name it, why wouldn't they? -3
Low Fertility: It is difficult to procreate in this form, that's why they do not make a lot of babies. -4
Light Sensitivity: When they are at the mercy of sunlight they become a little dizzy -2
Proud: They are brave, fearless, what more do you need? -1

Total Points: 32

Felsor, A Rocky Guardian.

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Orabelle on Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:30 am

Schemats - Non Sentient
Tile 4222 & 1216

Appearance: Giant humanoids with scales that look like rocks
Size: 8 to 10 m.
Lifespan: 25 years
Senses: All 5 senses
Diet type: Sunlight – Their scales collect the light and converse it into energy.
Habitat: Somewhere sunny!!!
Schemats have scales that absorb light and collect it to their core aka. Heart
Schemats instinctively know when their time has come and their last day they open a hole to bury themselves in the ground where they belong. After a month 2 to 3 new Schemats appear from the ground in that area. They grow by collecting sunlight and they reach adult status at 6 months.
Society: They are very sensitive and social creatures. They ask of attention of any being they find friendly and they will ‘obey’ someone they consider as close friend. They do not welcome aggression and they will respond accordingly, by trying to stop it or by going further away to not be part of it
Rocky – Their strength and stamina is immense. Every element besides toxic and lava, is incapable to harm them.
Large size
Baby attitude – They need care and love. In their society they care of each other but if left alone must be taken care of otherwise it will depress and become a rock till it’s death
Sunlight Powerlessness -  They are in need of light, that’s their food – life energy and they cannot live without it. At nights or cloudy days these creatures sit down and do not move to preserve power. After a month of no sun these creatures die.

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Azeria on Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:27 pm

Sentient Race: Netopyrs

Netopyrs are humanoid bats with long slender and well-built bodies. Their faces have strong rodent characteristics with long ears (each ear the same size as their heads). The ears are one way to differentiate males from females. The males have sharp ears while their counterpart’s ears are round.  They have big and sturdy wings connected to their arms.

They are small in size, approximately 1.10-1.30m in height.

They reach adulthood by the age of can live up to 130 years.

They have the normal 5 senses, however their sight is diminished compared to the other four. That is mainly due to the fact that Netopyrs” mainly perceive their surroundings, through the use of a unique biological mechanism, called “Aetherial Reconstruction”.
It is basically a sixth sense that can sense the aether surrounding the creation. Using the various signatures of vibrations and pulses that each living and non-living organism emits, they can instantly reconstruct their surroundings on a 100 meter radius constantly.

Their diet consists mainly of various minerals and mineraloids, which they will eat during the early morning and process in their stomach throughout an entire day.
Though certain minerals are their favourites due to high salt taste, they are unable to process some of those (usually minerals with high concentration in carbon and high hardness) and will excrete them along with demineralized stone paste, which after in contact with normal mineral water, will become hard as a stone once again.

Near mountains, though not necessarily, they will try to find a cave complex, which they will slowly eat/carve their way through. They can also survive near rocky plains and forests, provided they can find some cover from the sunlight during the day.

Male impregnates the female and she can give birth to multiple Netopyr-younglings after a 3 month long pregnancy. The young Netopyrs are incapable of taking care of themselves the first year after their birth and are nursed by their mother and father. They learn how to walk by that time and are slowly becoming more independent as the years go by. A young “battling” will learn how to fly around the age of 5-6. They are declared adults by the age of 12.
Female Netopyrs can start their own family by that age, however their male counterparts are allowed to do so by the age of 15.

Their society is oligarchical and hierarchical by age.
A council made of all the elders will convene in order to take decisions. They hold the matters of living areas (when someone wishes to create a family), excavation areas (rights on which family gets to mine for food in which area) as well as family disputes and territorial threats.

“Rise of gems”
Whenever an elder understands that he’s headed towards the final chapter of his life and needs to rest, he will announce his retirement. At this point Netopyrs at the age of 100 and above are able, if they so wish to, to announce that they want to enter the council.
The council will then convene openly in front of its people and will call upon each name of the participants. Each time a name is heard, a Netopyr that has a family with a produced adult among its children, can raise a gem in favor of the participant if they so wish to. The participant with the most raised gems, is accepted by all with no disputes, to become the next elder of the tribe.

Template & Traits:

Blindsense [+5]
They can sense their surroundings through the use of “Aetherial Reconstruction”.

High fertility [+4]
They are quite fertile and will produce multiple younglings, even while nurturing a previous generation, they will produce the next one.

Fly [+3]
They have to great wings connected to their arms that they can fly with, the connection is made with a very elastic muscle that allows for complete arm freedom during the flight.

Natural Attack [+1]
Netopyrs can use their voices to emit a directed high frequency scream, which can shatter and disorient foes.

Natural Attack [+1]
Batlings have claws and teeth that are steel-sharp and can cut through stone and metal with ease.

Small [-3]
They are small in size.

Light Sensitivity [-2]
While moonlight is a only a small inconvenience for batlings, sunlight will cause their skin to burn and bleed and while they can be slowly healed if they quickly escape to the shadows, they will surely die or become disabled if they stay outside for a long time.

Diminished Sense [-1]
Their eyesight is the weakest of their 6 senses, mainly due to the fact that it is only used to differentiate between colors.

Dump Magic [-5]
They do not understand magic.

Sunlight powerlessness: [-4]
While Netopyrs are quite weak and will quickly cower to the shadows as they keep away from the sunlight, it is a common misconception for diurnal creatures to underestimate them. Thus it comes as a great surprise if they should encounter one for a second time, during the night, or inside their huge cave complexes.
Brave [+1]
A Netopyr in its natural state has nothing to be afraid of, except of light of course.

Physical Ability Aptitude: [+2]
Netopyrs are amazingly strong and agile, moving with great precision and balance both while on the ground and during flight.

Natural Armor 3 [+3]
Their skin is thick and strong from their mineral intake and will parry and deflect even the strongest of strikes.

Points: 25

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Freya on Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:04 pm

Create Sentient Race  Tuaregs on tile 2215

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Isilo on Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:08 pm

Name: Cherokee
Tile: 4127
Appearance:  humanoids
Size: 1,50-1,80m
Lifespan: 100-120 year
Senses: Τhe usual 5 senses.
Diet type: Omnivorous
Habitat: Mediterranean climate
Reproduction: Male impregnates the female.
Society: Η φυλή διοικείται από τον κοινά αποδεκτό αρχηγό. Είναι στενά συνδεδεμένοι με τα ζώα καθώς πιστεύουν πως το θεικό μου πνεύμα κατοικεί μέσα σε αυτά και ο κάθε ένας προστατεύεται από ένα είδος ζώου. Η συγκεκριμένη φυλή αποδίδει τις ιδιαιτερότητες της (πνευματική διαύγεια) στα ''έξυπνα'' ζώα της φύσης (κουκουβάγια, κοράκια, πίθηκοι...) και συνηθίζουν να επιλέγουν και να συμβιώνουν μαζί με ένα (companion). Θα κυνηγήσουν και θα σκοτώσουν μόνο για τις ανάγκες φαγητού.  

Low Mortality: Λόγω κατασκευής σώματος παρουσιάζουν δυσκολία στο να προσβληθούν από αρρώστιες ή δηλητήρια. (4 points)
Physical Ability Aptitude: Σώμα κατασκευασμένο για μακρινά ταξίδια. Ελάχιστη ανάγκη για ξεκούραση και ύπνο. (2 points)
Mental Ability Aptitude: Ανεπτυγμένη η φυσική τους σκέψη, σοφία και χαρισματικότητα. (3 points)
Animal Magnetism:Αυτή είναι η ευλογία της φυλής. Τα ζώα δεν τους θεωρούν κυνηγούς ούτε και ξένους. Η φυλή προσφέρει εύκολη τροφή και περιποίηση και τα ζώα ανταποδίδουν με προστασία και βοήθεια σε χειρονακτικές εργασίες (0 points) domain
Adaptive learning: Είναι αρκετά έξυπνη φυλή. Αρκεί να τους εξηγήσεις κάτι μια φορά και είναι ικανοί να το αναπαράγουν και να το εξελίξου. (3 points)
Diplomatic prowes: Χάρη στη γρήγορη σκέψη και των φυσικών ικανοτήτων τους μπορούν να κατευθύνουν συζητήσεις προς τα εκεί που θέλουν για να καταφέρουν το σκοπό τους. Είτε αυτό είναι να αγοράσεις πράματα, είτε να κάνεις κάτι που θέλουν, είτε για να πάρουν πληροφορίες που χρειάζονται... (2 points)
Nomad: Για ποιο λόγο να μένεις στο ίδιο μέρος όταν έχεις τη δυνατότητα να ανακαλύψεις τον κόσμο? (3 points)
Strong Willed: Δυνατό πνεύμα που δύσκολα θα επηρεαστεί μόνο από το λόγο. (2 points) 

Pacifist: Ειρηνιστές. Ο λόγος ισχυρότερος από το σπαθί. ( -2 points)
No sense of fear: Δε θα διστάσουν να πειραματιστούν με επικίνδυνα υλικά ή να προσεγγίσουν επικίνδυνα μέρη. Αρκετά έξυπνοι για να αντιληφθούν τη διαφορά μεταξύ αίσθημα φόβου και επικίνδυνης κατάστασης. (-3 point)
Magical Ability Deficit: Δεν υπάρχει μαγεία. Τα πνεύματα των ζώων σου δίνουν δύναμη. (-4 points)
Total cost: 30 points

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Persephone on Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:38 pm

tile 5331
name: Gadzhal - undead
appearance: no-one knows their true appearance! they change shape to approach their victims.
size: medium
lifespan: immortal
senses: all senses, they don't breath, darkvision
diet type: sentient races
habitat: they can live anywhere, but if they find a place they like, they stay there forever, fight for what belongs to them

reproduction: death to undeath

society: the stronger of the Gadzhal, male or female, is the Lord. If the Lord get killed, they arrange fighting races to claim the "throne". Everyone must obey to the Lord! Everyone must hunt for food, but they don't have to feed everyday.

template and traits

Undead (15)
light sensitivity - η όραση τους πέφτει στο μισό
tracking -they can feel a sentient person around them
Death to Undeath


true believer (+5): they know that dead must be with the dead, but they are still here on the living world. Some-one must gave them the power to stay here!
strong willed (+2)
majestic appearance (+2): they know that they have the power to affect other creatures and they don't hide it.
physical ability aptitude (+2): they must be strong enough to kill their victim so they can feed themselves.
darkvision (+2): due to light sensitivity they searching for their victims at night.
magic user (+5): they have some spells to charm and protect themselves
fly (+3) : όταν αλλάζουν μορφή σε άτομο που πετάει μπορούν να πετάξουν


no sense of fear (-3): they know that they have enough power to defeat their enemies and they don't afraid to fight.
short tempered (-2): if some situation doesn't like them or someone piss them off, they can start a fight or worse, a war!
territorial (-2): they can live everywhere, but when they find a place they like, they can defend it ti death. Don't try to make them leave their home. They are short tempered.

change shape x3 (+6) - lunacy
change shape: they can can change their shape into a charming person of any race so they can approach them. No-one knows their true appearance.
lunacy:The first night per season, they lose their mind , kiling sentient creatures. If they can't find any, they are killing other Gadzhal. They know what they are doing, but they can't control themselves.


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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Amano on Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:55 pm

Race: Predators. Tile: 1629

Appearance : Humanoids creatures. Scales cover their body offering them a light armor. They have sharp claws and trendy dreadlocks.

Size: The average height is around 1.90 cm.

Lifespan: 150 years.

Senses: Heighten sense of smell; dark vision; heat vision

Habitat: Although Predators prefer to live in forests, they can easily adapt to any kind of environment.

Diet type: Omnivorous / Cannibalistic.

Reproduction: Male impregnates female, with 1-2 offspring born. Pregnancy lasts 6 months.

Personality -Society: Predators are natural hunters. They believe that it is not the strongest, but the one who knows how to adapt to situations that survives. A Predator will hunt alone, however they enjoy hunting in groups as they can practise more complex tactical skills this way. They raise their offspring in an a strict almost military way aiming at a top physical prowess and tactical skills. In order to develop their tactical skills or to organise the next battle, they simulate the battle and the troupes on a large board (yes, they invented chess, how cool is this race????). They thrive in war, they need to put their physicals and mental skills on test in any possible way. Both males and females hunt and care for the family. They tend to be short tempered and get pissed off easily.

Template: (21 Points)

Resiliency: As naturally born hunters they have learned how to adapt to any environment. Their natural armor and determination help them to adjust themselves to natural hardships.
Natural Armor (Light): Their skin is covered with a layer of scales.
Unfriendly: They are quite the aggressive types and they are not here to make friends.
Darkvision: They can see in the darkness

Cannibal -4, Gluttonous and Greedy -3: Their physical and mental skills require a lot of energy, therefore this race needs a lot of food and then some more. If they are hungry better run the hell away from them because they will eat you. Alive.
No sense of fear -3: Predators are risen up that other creatures should fear them. Fear is equal to weakness and this is unacceptable for them.
Offensive to Animals -1: Animals do NOT like them. At all.
Proud -1 : They are a proud race: Once they are challenged there is no turning back and they would prefer to die in honour than to be defeated.
Short Tempered -2: see below
Trouble Makers -2: This race needs food, water and fights.
Tactical Mind +2: Strategy is their middle name and they can see 5 moves ahead of you.
Physical Ability Aptitude +2 and Mental Ability Aptitude +3: νους υγιής εν σώματι υγιεί.
Magic User +5:
This race can naturally make themselves invisible. They can also change the temperature and the state of a material by touching it, and transmute their claws into fire or ice claws.
Berserk +2: They know that fear and defeat are no options, so when they are thrown into battle, there is nothing to hold them back.
Strong Willed +2: This race has a deep need to believe in a higher power and pray to it before any battle. Please don't knock on their door asking them if they found God. Actually you know what? Don't knock on their door even to ask for sugar. No, fuck this, don't knock on their door ever. OMG WHY ARE YOU STILL OUTSIDE MY DOOR????? / eats you alive (short tempered -2).
Natural Attack +1; These claws can skin you alive in 5 seconds.
Warmonger +3 : Predators CRAVE for war. It is a way to show their Goddess that they put their skills into practice. They need to throw themselves to fights / battles.
Regeneration +4; Their body parts can be regenerated, however, acid prevents this process.
Heightened Sense +1: They can smell your skin and your fear.
Tracking (thermal vision): +2 : When dark vision fails them, thermal vision will ensure they find you...

Total Cost: 35 points

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Lexandra on Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:25 pm

Tile: 4721

Name: Mercator

Appearance: They look simply like Humanoids.

Size: About 1, 70 με 1, 84 meters in height.

Lifespan:  90 – 130 years

Senses: They have the usually five senses.

Diet Type: They are Omnivorous.

Habitat: They prefer warm climate and to be near other people.

Reproduction:  They breed sexually and the can have 1 pregnancy per year. They usually have 2 to 7 children in their lifetime. They are monogamous.

Society: They gather in the safety of numbers and they are friendly and hospitable people. They trade their products of craftsmanship and they always look for materials they can process or exchange. They usually get along with others due to their diplomacy and inspiring presence.


Positive traits:

Diplomatic prowes: They are good mannered and they can figure out how to behave to befriend even the most demanding of creatures. ( +2)

Approachable: They are hospitable and good willed. They like to share their joy and celebrate along with other people. ( +2)

Brave: They have strong spirit. They are not afraid easily and it takes more to shake their beliefs.  ( +1)

Magestic Apperance: They possess an enchanting beauty and charming presence in their mannerism. ( +2)

Skilled Crafts: They possess a talent in crafting useful items and strange pieces of machinery. ( +2)

Nomad: They travel to meet and trade with other civilizations. ( +3)

Points: +12

Negative traits:

Elemental Vulnerability: (Acid). ( -2)

Physical Ability Deficiency: Physical condition is not their edge! ( -2)

Elemental Vulnerability: (Ice). ( -2)

Pacifist: The race despises violence. They will not fight. ( -2)

Proud: They are proud craftsmen, stubborn folks and in their opinion second to none. They will not easily accept any doubt about that! ( -1)

Gloutonus & Greedy: They like having an excessively good life. ( -3)

Magical Vulnerability: Magic affects these people easier. ( -4)

Points: -16

Total Cost: 16 points


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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:20 pm

Tile: 5608
Children of the Sun and the Moon: Sorcerer caste
Appearance:Males and females of this race appear Humanoid but have certain characteristics and powers based on their caste and the light of the Sun and the Moon.

Size: 168.7 cm (5' 6.4")-184.8 cm (6' 0.8")
Lifespan: 60-100 years
Senses: They have the usual 5 senses
Diet type: Omnivorous.
Habitat: Can live almost anywhere but they prefer to live near food and water resources.
Reproduction: This caste are females only but can reproduce males of other castes.
Male impregnates the female , they can have from 1-5 children per pregnancy and they are one of the few humanoid species that can have Quintuplets (female and male twins have some common characteristics but hey are always different castes) they reach sexual maturity at 14-15.
Society: The children of the Sun and the Moon have a caste based society , the base characteristic is that the castes are gender based and have different abilities and skills .They are well organized and very protective of their young for them family comes first, even after they grow they tend leave nearby their relatives.

Template & Traits:
Humanoid: 20 points

Default traits:
Strong Willed +2:They have an unfathomable will to defy even the influence of the gods.
High Fertility +4:They are active all year all the time Niarrr.
Magic User +5:They excel in Universal Magic .
Skilled(Alchemy)+2: They are proficient in the mystical arts of alchemy.
Skilled(Herbalism)+2: They are proficient in the growth,production and processing of pharmaceutical - poisonous plants.
+15 total.

Negative traits
Physical Ability Deficit -2;: They are not very strong physically as a caste they spend more time on research rather than physical labor.
Envious -1; Proud -1;Trouble Makers -2; :As a cast with higher education and magical prowess they are proud and as females with power they tend to get Envious of others success  ,they tend to be bossy and competitive and cause mischief .
Glutonous and Greedy-3;No sense of fear -3; : They require lots of resources for their alchemical and magical research ,they tend to be full of themselves and will try even the most dangerous means to complete their research.
Territorial -2:To be expected since they are protective of their children and families.
Elemental Vulnerability (Acid)-2; Elemental Vulnerability (lightning) -2; Elemental Vulnerability (Fire) -2;Elemental Vulnerability(Ice)-2:Their Magical nature makes them more sensitive to certain elements.

-21 total

Bonus:Love - Art -1(Domain bonus) :All "Fertility Traits" costs or award 1 points less.

Children of the Sun and the Moon supernatural traits: Castes of this Race gain amazing abilities under the light of the Sun and the Moon

Day:Sunlight Dependency;-4(Mental Ability Aptitude +3; Adaptive Learning +3; ):During the Sunlight they gain the ability to absorb knowledge in a unnatural fast rate and gain extraordinary Mental prowess.

Night:Moonlight Dependency;-4 (Tracking(Detect magic aura)+2;Magical Ability Aptitude +4;) : During the Moonlight they gain great magical prowess and the ability to see the magical auras surrounding their environment.
+4 total

20+15-21-1+4=(17 points total)


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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:46 pm

Tile: 5608
Children of the Sun and the Moon: Craftsman caste
Appearance:Males and females of this race appear Humanoid but have certain characteristics and powers based on their caste and the light of the Sun and the Moon.

Size: 168.7 cm (5' 6.4")-184.8 cm (6' 0.8")
Lifespan: 60-100 years
Senses: They have the usual 5 senses
Diet type: Omnivorous.
Habitat: Can live almost anywhere but they prefer to live near food and water resources.
Reproduction: This caste are males only but can reproduce with the females of other castes.
Male impregnates the female , they can have from 1-5 children per pregnancy and they are one of the few humanoid species that can have Quintuplets (female and male twins have some common characteristics but hey are always different castes) they reach sexual maturity at 14-15.
Society: The children of the Sun and the Moon have a caste based society , the base characteristic is that the castes are gender based and have different abilities and skills .They are well organized and very protective of their young for them family comes first, even after they grow they tend leave nearby their relatives.

Template & Traits:
Humanoid: 20 points

Default traits:
Strong Willed +2:They have an unfathomable will to defy even the influence of the gods.
High Fertility +4:They are active all year all the time Niarrr.
Skilled(Engineering)+2,Skilled(Metalworking)+2,Skilled(Shipwrighting)+2 They are the moving gears of their society and excellent craftsmen their proficient on construction , Shipwrighting and metalworking is unsurpassed.  
+12 total.

Negative traits
No sense of fear -3;Trouble Makers -2; :Their personal inventions tend to make trouble for others and many of their methods for the pursuit of scientific achievement are usually dangerous.
Dump Magic -5,Magical Ability Deficit -4,Magical Vulnerability -4: Magic affects them greatly and they are not very good at it , actually they are not good wit it at all , they might never learn to wield magic in their entire lives.

-18 total

Bonus:Love - Art -1(Domain bonus) :All "Fertility Traits" costs or award 1 points less.

Children of the Sun and the Moon supernatural traits: Castes of this Race gain amazing abilities under the light of the Sun and the Moon

Day:Sunlight Dependency;-4(Physical Ability Aptitude +2; Resiliency +2; Elemental Resistance(Fire) +2;  ):During the Sunlight they gain the extraordinary physical prowess and Resiliency to hazards and diseases the blessings of the Sun also bestows them the ability to resist fire.
Night:Moonlight Dependency;-4 (Mental Ability Aptitude +3; Adaptive Learning +3;) : During the Moonlight they gain the ability to absorb knowledge in a unnatural fast rate and gain extraordinary Mental prowess.
+4 total

20+12-18-1+4=(17 points total)


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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Aura on Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:31 pm

Create Sentient race, tile 1214
Name: Wind Dryads
Appearance: Like humans. Their looks and characteristics are extremly beautiful.

Size: About 1,5 - 2 meters in height.
Lifespan: 70 - 90 years.
Senses: The usual 5 senses.
Diet type: Omnivorous.
Habitat: They can live in any climate, but they prefere to be near the trees.
Reproduction: Wind Dryads reproduce with any sentient species they find attractive and after 6 months a female baby is born.
Society: Their species consist only of females. These dryads live a nomadic lifestyle. They go near other sentient species to reproduce and when they believe that they are done with these species they go to the next one. When they are close to a race, they live with harmony with them so they can take advantage of their protection among other things.
As a species they are really happy and carefree people. They like to play music and dance whenever they can.

Template & Traits:

Custom: 20

Fly: Whenever they like, their legs can turn into mist and fly. (3 - 1 = 2 points)
Nomad: (3 - 1 = 2 points)
Magestic appearance: They are so beautiful that there is no way to turn them down if they ask for...a night out. (2 points)
High Fertility: Leading a very sexual nomadic life would mean lots of smaller dryads to grow and take advantage of more sentient races!! (4 points)
Skilled (Music): The Wind Driads are master musicians in any kind of instrument that uses the air of the lungs. Good music means good company and parties (2 points)
Natural Armor: Their skin is a bit thicker than the average sentient creature. (1 point)
Diplomatic prowes: When good looks and careefree lifestyle cant seal the deal, they will find a way to make others dance for them... (2 points)
Natural attack (bite): Even though Wind Dryads are friendly that doesnt mean that they dont have a way to defend themselves. When in danger all their teeth change to a more "pointy" shape. A sight not particularly beautiful. (1 point)
Approachable: How can you not trust and feel magnetized to their lifestyle? (2 points)
Adaptive Learning: As a nomad species they learned to "take" all the knowledge they can from other creatures that they go near to reproduce.  (3 points)

Gloutonus & Greedy: They want to rock and roll all night and party every day! (-3 points)
Physical Ab. Defict: Their bodies are too weak. (-2 points)
Spineless: When there is trouble they will not stay to fight. (-1 point)

Total cost: 35 points

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

Post by Nox on Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:23 pm

Sentient Race Fuccubus on tile 3916

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Race: Sultsab

Post by Machiavelcro on Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:53 pm

Create Sentient Race, tile 3630

Name: Sultsab


Size: 1.6 to 1.9 meters tall

Lifespan: 40-50 years old

Senses: Normal five senses (apart from when exposed to moonlight)

Diet type: Omnivorous, however with every meal they usually add in a source of belladonna or some other plant based poison of similar strength. There are various side effects of this continuous ingestion, detailed below.

Habitat: They prefer to create their camps in the deep forest

Reproduction: Male impregnates female, normal 9 month gestation period. The fetus seems unaffected by the ingestion of belladonna or any other similar poisons as the mother's body naturally regulates the amount of toxins required for the fetus's well being.


The Sultsab are a race of fervently religious believers. They have a theocratic society structure, where the elder priest guides the priests and the priests lead the rest of society. The core of their belief is that they were made for a singular purpose, which is yet to be passed down to them. They see this lack of purpose as a test to their faith to which they innately respond by trying to prepare themselves for whatever is to be required of them.

They subsist by hunting and foraging for wild vegetables, mushrooms and fruits. They hunt with traps, by studying the habits of the animals and placing their traps with care to never either inflict unnecessary pain on the animal nor to entrap more than what they need. They see animals as a precious divine gift and honour the death of each one by carefully utilising all parts of it. Sustenance from its meat and organs; Reagents from bones, horns and glands.

The physiological condition that requires them to have a regular ingestion of alkaloid based poison takes its toll on the race. Especially in the younger years up to the end of puberty it is very hard to know the exact amount their body requires, which leads to a higher than expected death rate of their younger ones.

The accepted theological reasoning for this is that sometimes a young soul can be of better service a the side of their god. In their view, those of their family that have ascended serve as a conduit between them and their god, watch over them and grant them the ability to use their faith based magic.

They don't see it as much as something that they are capable of as they see it as them being rewarded by their god, a confirmation that their faith is pure and that they are worthy of the blessings granted. Feats of strength under extreme conditions, pain endurance or in the cases of the priests or those more attuned to their faith, blessings that would protect and enhance a group.

Templates & Traits:

Humanoid: 20 points

Elemental Dependency (Acid/Poison): -5 points - They have a physiological need to ingest alkaloid based poison for their body to function.  Without the regular ingestion of an alkaloid based poison their body and mind slows down, eventually leading to full body paralysis followed by organ failure and finally death. The race finds it near impossible to pinpoint the exact amount each individual requires for survival without side effects.

High Mortality: -4 points - It is not uncommon for the young ones to die before finishing puberty. Especially from 11 to 14 the dosage of poison required may increase from day to day. If the right amount is not had then a prolonged deficiency will cause lethargy and the beginning of paralysis and an excessive amount will result in the inability for their body to cope. Sadly, quite often the second example is the cause of death due to a panicked reaction to the first.

Petty Appearance:
-2 points - Even when surviving past the initial trials, their skin will be badly scarred and deformed from the side effects of the toxins. They are conscious of this and tend to wear clothing/armour the covers exposed skin. An unblemished face is as rare as a snowflake in hell amongst them.

No sense of fear: -3 points - Be it that the region of their brain that controls fear is somehow affected by the toxins or the belief that they will be at the side of their god when they die, looking after those they love, this race does not hold itself back in the face of anything.

Tactical Mind: 2 points - "The world is vast and its perils many. Demons, beasts and other creations abound that are better dealt with on our own terms, where we choose and how we choose it." They have an innate sense of analysing a situation to minimise the risk involved or to amplify the impact of their actions, be it by positioning, creative use of tools at their disposal or pure stone cold pragmatism.

True Believer: 5 points - If you were to ask a sultsab why they are so fervently dedicated to their god, they would not be able to answer you. Not because they lack the vocabulary to do it, but because they wouldn't comprehend the nature of your question at all. The only logical explanation would be that you somehow doubt the greatness of their god, and thus should soon become tree fertiliser...

Physical Ability Aptitude: 2 points - One of the few positive side effects of the constant ingestion of poison is the quickening of their metabolism, which shortens their reflex and reaction times and leads to a naturally higher dexterity.

Magical Resistance: 4 points - In the same way that they pray for their magic, they pray for protection from it. Their belief that their faith is strong and that god will save them from harm makes it so.

Magic User: 5 points - They pray for divine intervention, for divine gits. God provides if you do not faulter in your faith.

Skilled Alchemists/Engineers: 2+2 points - The aptitude for mixing compounds and reagents, crafting mechanisms and tools to enhance their weapons and combat is seen as making good use of the tools that were laid before them to achieve their goals.

Strong Willed
: 2 points - Machiavelcro placed upon their soul an affinity with his own essence. It will be very hard to mislead or trick them away from their faith.

Proud: -1 point - They will not tolerate any affronts to their faith or their way of life. To do so would lead to falling from grace..

Moonlight Dependency: -4 points
A blessing given to them to ensure their soul can have its moments of tranquillity, this race is put in a hyper-sensory state during it. Following attributes linked to it

Heightened Sense Touch: 1 point - Their skin becomes much more sensitive, the barest of touches conveys a torrent of information. Temperature, texture, the tiny amounts of electrical activity on their lovers skin as they embrace them..

Heightened Sense Empathy: 1 points - They mind soothes under the moonlight, their normally more sullen and serious perspective towards life subsides. They find it incredibly easy to listen, to sense the true emotions behind a rehearsed front. Unfortunately this is also true for negative emotions and intents and they have no voluntary control over this ability.

High Fertility: 4 points - In the safety on their home, under the moon, with their loved one in their arms... The gentle touch of lips of a kiss amplified into a vortex of sensations that causes them to give in to primal unbridled lust and passion on an almost spiritual level. Much higher chance on conception during these periods as females are much more fertile then.

Total points: 31

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Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 4th Week.

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