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About Magic!

Post by Charon on Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:41 pm

Primal Chaos is set on a world of Medieval Fantasy and we are all here players and moderators to define it's history. We had a lot of consideration about what we expect of the game and eventually the issue of magic came up. As we want to focus on your Divine Affairs more than the powerful wizards of the world we decided to keep the element of magic in a very abstract way.

In order to maintain the mood and the story in a very interesting level, we believe that low-magic is fitting best to the game. Like John Ronald Reuel Tolkien's "Middle Earth" (The Hobbit, The Lord of The Rings)and Robert E. Howard 's "Hyborian Age" (Conan the Barbarian) we want magic present but not frequent and game-braking. We face magic as an exceptional technology that will give some edge but it will not turn the tables on it's own.

In order to prevent you from thinking like D&D or Pathfinder settings, we do not imagine a world that every old cupboard holds a magical sword to be found by adventurers or shops holding fortunes in magical merchandise.

The trait "Magic User" allows your race to begin play using magic. That allows you to define this use of magic as you wish. In any case this does not mean that every member of the race can use magic! If you wish some magical ability to every member of the race you should better make it really lesser or cosmetic.

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