Divine Orders and Divine Power

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Divine Orders and Divine Power

Post by Charon on Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:00 pm


The link above contains the Divine Orders, how much orders cost and the formula to calculate the Divine Power you will receive per round from your worshippers.

As you might noticed not every order is available during the first era. Actually during the era of creation you can only create races (sentient or not). The reason we enforced this restriction is because we want you to focus on populating a world.

As far as the Non-sentient race creation is concerned, we take for granted that the world has in abundance all the flora and fauna of earth. So if you wish to spend time, effort and divine power into non-sentient races, you should do it to make these creatures special. This Divine Order was devised in order to create legendary monsters like the basilisk, magical beasts like unicorns or plants with special properties like Athelas (the herb kingsfoil in Lord of The Rings).

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