Racial Templates

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Racial Templates

Post by Charon on Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:20 pm

Here is the link where you can find Racial templates


Templates are packages with certain traits on board to flesh out broad categories of creatures. That means that the template comes with those traits fixed - they cannot be deselected or give them an opposite trait to negate them. The templates have also some thematic influence, the Monstrous Humanoid for example was made for creatures like centaurs or trolls. So keep in mind the aesthetics of the race and not the blunt numeric values.

If you wish to create anything beyond the templates, you are free to do so by using the traits on the humanoid base cost of 20.

These templates are given to help some players have a little push in inspiration to think outside the box and speed up the process for some species. Note that the traits of the templates come already in a discount (compared to the cost of making them from scratch) and this does not stack with the Domain Powers of the first era. For example the Fey template has already the trait "Magic User", if the god of Magic wants to create a fay she won't purchase the template at a reduced cost. The only exception to this is the template Monstrous Humanoid for the gods of Weather and Protection - Good that comes at 1 point less.

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