Orders and Domain Powers

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Orders and Domain Powers

Post by Caranthir on Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:47 pm

Next week the time will flow normally and your races will need guidance to their steps on this world. I will give you some examples of Divine orders but before that i would like to reming you that your servants have their own life and goals , so don't be surprised if they start a war or a trade agreement with another civilization by their own.

Example No1
Freya and Lexandra had make a trading deal and they want two of their races to come closer and build a bond, i will show you and divine order Freya can give to the Tuaregs on the East:

Freya wrote:I reveal myself in the dreams of my Tuareg's elders ( located on the east) as a flawless pale lady holding my holy symbol and with a voice of thousand angels I tell them the following words "You must gather all my faithful servants and start a journey to the east, you will leave the big lake behind you and go for the mountains following backwards the river, there you will find the Mercators ( i make them a vision how they look like) , this people are friendly, learn from them , teach them and build a strong friendship "

Example No2
Amano wants to attack Lexandra's Tigerians, so she order her Predators to attack during Tigerians lunacy that are mostly Vulnerable.

Amano wrote:"I reveal myself as a vision in front of my predator's Leader and i tell him the following words " Great Leader, there is a race of Sentient felines on the west ( i show him how they look like) that they mocking your superiority as a great hunter and warrior, gather your greatest warriors and go teach them a lesson on the night that the moon is full so all Gods can see your deeds and no one will ever doubt you again."

Keep in mind that sometimes your races will not do what you told them, you need to use your cunning in order to have better chances. ( like amano used the proud nature of predators to her advantage)
All the times you need to think as they do , orders like "Go to the tile 1530" will fall into the void  for obvious reasons.
You can order them to do anything you like , raid, steal, trade, help , whatever you like, if you need help in how you make such an order you can always ask me or any other admin by putting your query on your personal thread.

Some Gods have an "Active" 2nd age power, like death and weather. These powers should be declared in your private forums along with your civilisation orders for the week.
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