The Era of Mortals

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The Era of Mortals

Post by Charon on Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:33 am

The era of mortals has come, Godlings! Your power fades, more energy and effort  is required to materialise your creations as every change on the face of this world from this point on can cause a chain of events that could shift tremendously the terrestrial equilibrium. Moreover the universe grants you no Divine Power; from this point on, your power source is the faith of your mortal worshippers. Yet you gain an arsenal of new option to influence this world.

Your main and most important ability is to contact and influence the mortal world indirectly with the use of your civilisation orders. Below you can find a link to see a sample of the appropriate way of presenting your private orders according to the celestial bureaucracy.

Sample Private Order Presentation

As you see in the sample there are different ways to communicate with the mortals, you can issue an order to a few selected ones of address your worshippers world wide. This can have a great impact on the outcome. An order to the masses might happen on a greater scale but with little precision as every individual interprets the word of god in a different manner. Orders to selected few might not mobilise a hole kingdom in a day but they have greater chance to be carried out with precision.

The length of your order is a major factor as well. The longer and more detailed an order, the harder it is for the mortals to comprehend, interpret, remember and execute.

Keep in mind that mortals do not know your agenda. They have no idea about your negotiations or your future plans. They have free will and they might choose to disobey you if they see no immediate benefit.

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