A Gift commensurate with your Divine essence

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A Gift commensurate with your Divine essence

Post by Caranthir on Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:35 pm

My childern, me and the other Divine fathers, we would like to give you a Gift.
The gift is the ability to create an Avatar in one of your races without spending any divine power.
Choose wisely where you will create it.

Some information regarding the "Avatar"
The Avatar is a major figure within your civilization. This may be high priest, Dragon, Warrior or a dynasty - practically anything.
The Avatar can give you some extra bonuses on the population near him.

Charon on Conditions (buffs-Debuffs) wrote:Avatar Present: The presence of a god's avatar grants a bonus to the population's Faith and spirit. Does not Stack with Temple!

In presence of the Avatar , you can use the divine order "Command Avatar" . That option gives you an EXTRA Civilization Order that has greater success chance.
In order to use  this option you have to go on the "Divine orders Week X(current number)"  Topic and give the "Divine order : Command Avatar"
Keep in mind that all civilization orders ( including this extra) must be posted on your private thread.

Next Days we will represent and example of this option in the "Sample Private Forum" Section.
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