Undead matters

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Undead matters

Post by Charon on Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:24 pm

We are on the third season of the second era and the undead creatures of this world are at the centre of attention. I heard many godllings speculate a number of facts, so I would like to share some parts of the mechanics concerning the undead races.

The undead have no mortality and fertility because their natural needs are twisted. They need not to eat, they do not breath and they do not procreate as other races do. We put in there template to represent these facts. These traits are "Cannibal" and "Death to Undeath".

These traits work in conjunction. The undead are cannibals but not because they need to eat in order to survive. They must consume the sentient to power their abilities and mainly to activate their Death to undeath trait. This means that the undead do not just need to find a dead body and animate it into unlife - it would be unfair to have a race that breeds by conquering the graveyards of others. They need a certain process that requires energy, focus and time.

In game mechanic terms the undead raise their number at a rate depending of the living they can slay and claim. So do not expect the undead to flourish because there was a battle on the location the previous round, nor will they raise their numbers if they lose in the battlefield.

Lastly I should point out that the undead are not created by a force opposite of life.

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