First Summer, Hopes Die

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First Summer, Hopes Die

Post by Sanguine on Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:46 am

Summer has finally arrived.

With the decay of the clouds starts the decay of the Great Elder Ones mind.

The Golden Dragons’ elite fighters Head North as soon as Lunacy starts effecting the Elder Ones. The flying monstrosities clash over the mountains at 5328. The dragons overcome the Elder Ones’ maddened forces as the latter were only targeting the Ainurs and Gatinhos. At the same moment Great Elder Ones attack Earejins and the Golden Dragons’ settlements inflicting them with great losses. By noon Gadzhal completely lose their grasp on their senses and start a raging attack on the Verndari. Verndari however were not caught by surprise and manage to repel the Gadzhal and gift the with some critical losses. The dawn of the second day of summer reveals a terrible battle and new dangers as the lake in 5129 is now inhabited by some Great Elder Ones.
Ainur start building a network of watch posts by utilizing surrounding caves and mountain creaks. Meanwhile Verndari try to help the Ainur by finding potential allies.

Gadzhals trying to seize the moment decide to execute their devious plans to infiltrate the Verndari and feed on the weak. Their plan fails miserably after the Verndaris’ networked mind enables them to perceive the intruders. The following battle is both terrible and bloody. Both sides seem to stand their ground.
Nagas hesitantly relocate to the north. Leaving their territory does not sit right with them especially after the defeats they suffered. Their connection to their lands as well as the newfound presence in the lake delays their retreat. They finally arrive at the plains of 5028.
Asrais and Beaux try to take advantage of the fact that they were not attacked. Some Asrais manage to befriend some Fey Dragons and start the long journey to bring them back home. In the meantime Beaux start several bizarre experiments with something they call “Alchemy”. Things go sideways when many of their experiments do not follow Beuxs’ “logical” conclusion and end up in explosions or even worse. This would start a diplomatic incident with the Asrais as they were affected by these actions. Thankfully the tensions are deescalated as common sense takes over. The efforts to unite the races around the lake is made harder as almost everyone have abandoned their lands. Asrai still push for some sort of peacemaking arrangement by the end of the summer, but Nagas reject these offers. Gadzahls seem willing to enter an alliance but Verndari and Ainur conclude that as long as Gadzahls live in the surrounding areas there will never be peace.
Kt’alaks and Aurochs start expanding to the Southeast in a search to find better food sources. Nurgloths attempt to solidify their hold to the west but the lack of guidance by an Overmind spreads confusion in their ranks, leaving some of the stranded in the mountains.
Sultsubs face difficult times as their poison reserves fall short. The great clan chief of the Cherokee tribe tries to put a stop to the sacrifices going on by attempting to propose a migration. Some of them try to use Ishorses under their god’s guidance but seeing that the creatures cannot last even a day as beasts of burden they give up any further attempts to utilize them. The chieftains talks find some solid ground and the tribe starts moving to the north.  Cervos meanwhile are still under the aggression of some dragons but seem to hold their ground solidly. Ogres start sending merchant teams to Mercators and Tuaregs, which helps them establish positive relations with each other. Apaches on the other hand are troubled as they try to decide what stance they should hold against the Ogres, some of them even suggest that they should give up on the orange potion their god promised them. Navaho also seem troubled about the creatures their god gifted them. Their chieftains’ assurances that they can be used as mounts seem idle. Some Fuccubi try to calm the spirits by offering a great treat called Ispasturma. Navajos are divided between those who want to follow their god’s signs and those who want to stay behind.
Tonberries decide that the time has come to prepare for their upcoming departure for the east, something they have been planning since the start of spring. Although there is no apparent reason for their move, they send some delegates to the Kodama. The king of Earejins starts building defensive structures and sends a team to discover other race to the north. They do not find anyone.
Seuralvaroths start creating uprisings in the Children of the Sun and Moon populations trying to pass the blame on the castes of Amazons, Warrios, Craftsmen and Skalds as trouble makers and terrorists. Some of the however are way to complex and do not hold up under scrutiny. Some Seualvaroths are held responsible as they are discovered pretending to be Amazons and Warriors. Spartans initiate contact with the Children trying to form an alliance.
Nagas at the southeast start sending scouts to find their siblings that were attacked by the elder ones. A portion of the population believe there is some plot in the works by the elder Nagas. They are proven wrong however as they discover there are no steppes covers in trees at the South.
For the Morgoths and Airdominers the journey continues south. Many dangers in their travels prove fatal for the Airdominers as there lack of fear affects their common sense. Morgoths still attack Airdominers and take the place causing some of them to suspect foul play, as too many of their race seem disoriented in the mid of the day. They eventually reach the plains of 1910.
Earnans start debating the meaning of some divine visions they received. Many of them are lost in confusion as the purpose of the message remains elusive. Meanwhile a group of them attempts to contact the Wee Free Men.
A lot of movement happens in the lands of the Lycans as they try to reunite with each other. Many of them manage to find their god's meeting point but unfortunately some of them get lost and stray further away from their brethren.
In the near lands, Morgoths infiltrating the Wind Dryads stay hidden by taking the place of people that have already passed the tests of the Winged Truth, as the fanatics of the latter race do not believe they have managed to unweed all the wingless corruptors. The Secrets of Dusk in the land of Nudies under a divine sign have started rounding up the population and proceeding with mass slaughters, tortures and failed interrogations. A few days after the sign, inquisitors from the Secrets of Dusk started dragging people to public tortures inquiring about the “secret” word given to them by their god. Many of them died as nobody could provide the answer the inquisitors where seeking. This has led to the start of an uprising as protests start to gather. Morgoths seem to thrive under the current situation.

A bit further away Goblins start planning another attack against the Sminthians to sate their need for revenge. The rescue of their prisoners will not be easy. Their plans fall short however as the assistance they were expecting does not arrive, while at the same time some ambitious Goblins decide that they should be the rightful rulers and are destined to win this battle. The results fall short due to the lack of coordination and the do not manage to secure any Sminthian prisoner. Tragedy hits the Tigerians as many women give birth to stillborn children.
Predators a bit bellow hunt some Kenderlings for sustenance and some have started hunting Tins & Kers for fun, especially younger predators.
Lastly some Snow Feys face troubled times as at the new moon at the end of summer 4 people where lost instead of the usual 2, during their spirit intoxication. Among them was their leader -their best hunter- and his wife.


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