Divine order , Era of Mortals, Week number Four

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Divine order , Era of Mortals, Week number Four

Post by Caranthir on Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:02 pm

Autumn is here

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Re: Divine order , Era of Mortals, Week number Four

Post by Chloris on Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:32 pm

Name: Lucifer’s redemption
Tile (random) : 3935

A young man called Lucifer, once, not long ago, started his life with so many dreams that even Gods could see them. He grow up strong and capable, but life can be harsh and war fell upon his people; and when there is war, there is no room for silly dreams. 
His eyes lost their spark and his heart was filled with sadness. Until one morning, he wakes up by the morning dew dropplets of a flower, only to hear the sweet laughter of a woman. He followed it into the forest and foung a young woman playing around with the animals. Her name was Belisama and her eyes were bright with light and hope! They fell in love at first sight! It was as if the Gods had arranged their meeting, or had they? 
Belisama saw the sadness in his eyes and vowed to always bring light in his heart, and Lucifer, he saw her light and he vowed that even at the darkest hours, he would be there to protect her. And with these vows, they got married. 
But war does not stop and wait for you to be ready, war does not care if you're in love or newly married. The very next day after their marriage Lucifer was called to war. 
Months passed and war reached his camp. Many died and amongst them his young wife. Her death was torturous and slow, but she wasn't angry at him... she only looked at the night sky and begged the Lady of the Moon to take her up there with her so that she can shed light upon her husband so that he doesn't ever loose hope. 
A year passed until Lucifer managed to go back to his camp. The news of Belisama's death devastated him! He started screaming and tearing his flesh! "I wasn't here to protect you! I broke my promise, my wedding vow!" those were his only thoughts. He went running to her grave and started cussing and cursing and screaming one last vow before he stabbed himself with his own knife. "I shall grow roots around your body and keep your tomb sacred and safe. With my death I shall bring light in your darkest hours!" 
He was not my child, but his blood and his tears reached my roots. And so I granted his wish. 
I gave him roots to protect Belisama's grave, deep and strong roots. I made him tall and imposing, and let his anger feed his flesh. 
I took both bodies and moved them North, away from all wars, in a place cold enough to sooth the young man's anger. 
Every month and for 5 days around the no moon, I bless this child to keep his vow and bring light upon the land. 

Size: 20 meters high
Lifespan:20 years. It takes  a year to start producing and 3 years to reach full growth.
Senses: Understands light and temperature.
Diet type: Light, cold water.
Habitat: They can live in any kind of cool climate, since it needs some kind of cooling, be it cool water, cool soil or the shadow of a forest or all at once. It is at its best in the freezing cold of the snowy North. 
Reproduction: Even though it looks like a flower,  Lycifer's blossom reproduces as a tree due to its size, as a mechanism to send its seeds far away from it. (If too many grow in one place the temperature will rise too high for them to survive) Its seeds have two coils. One of them with wide pedals so that once it explodes from the main plant, the wind will carry it far away (it can literally fly for tens of miles) , and a thinner one that works like a screw to get deep under the snow and reach the soil or just get as deep in the soil as possible and stay cool. 

Animals: The smell of the plant and the dracontium makes this plant less than favored amongst mammals and insects. On the other hand it is the same smell that attracts the birds. The seed wants to fly far from the main plant and birds are the way to go. 

Lucifer's Blossom is a highly thermogenic plant. Most plants of this familly only rise their temperature by a few degrees. This one, on the other side, rises its temperature so high that it actually burns itself if grown in a warm or dry place.  As a survival mechanism it radiates heat at all times, affecting its immediate surroundings by 15-35 C above air and soil temperature. 
Also, when the moon fades ( the 4-5 days of the no moon) it radiates light.

Positive and negative traits:
-When its nectar is used raw and unprocessed it can give you cold resistance for days to go. The downsides of using it unprocessed for an extensive period of time, are two. First, the nectar is quite toxic and can possibly cause eczemas to the mouth and oesophagus and possibly even gastric duodenal ulsers. Second, it can cause significant drop in energy levels, laziness and lack of motive.

-If the nectar is alchemically processed, it can offer a safer use of its properties although extended use will still cause lack of motive and a drop in energy levels. This extract can produce medicine for hypothermia, colds and anything that requires high temperatures to heal(tiger cream!), as well as phycological conditions like anxiety, panic or aggressive behavior.

-It can also be used as a base for alcoholic drinks, spicy and really warming. The spirit can give a good boost and keep you warm enough in the cold without any ill effects though it's not powerful enough to grant anything like "cold restistance" and you'll end up drunk in the end.

-The stems, if carefully removed while they radiate light, they can keep on shedding light for 3 days. If magically or alchemically processed (through a difficult and time consuming procedure) and the proper  and constant "maintenance" they can retain their ability to shed light indefinately.

-Its pollen, in very small quantities, can be used as a spice though in extreme cases (consumed by a sick or fragile organism and similar cases) it can be leathal. It contains the poison "dracontium" which, in very large doses it can cause intense swelling of lips, tongue and throat, thus suffocating the victim. The poison can be extracted through alchemical process to be refined. It can still be used raw but the quantity necessary to kill is too great to pass unnoticed (don't use it for curry). Instead it can be used cosmetically for luscious lips and red chicks. 

-Near its roots it grows a quite large and ugly bulk about 3 or 4 times the size of a watermelon. Though really nutricious and high in both  starch and proteins, once cut, it emits a foul smell that is only intensified by the plant's heat. It is safe to assume that whoever eats it regularly will stink. It can be fermented, turned into flour or dryed for preservation.

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Re: Divine order , Era of Mortals, Week number Four

Post by Phlegethon on Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:43 pm

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"Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they're lost forever. Sometimes, we all need a little help. "

Sometimes you are afraid, you are afraid of pain, you are fraid of failure, you are afraid of lose.
But as frightening as it can be, that pain will make you stronger. If you allow yourself to feel it, embrace it, .it will make you more powerful than you ever imagined. It's the greatest gift we have: to bear the pain without breaking. And it comes from the most human part of us: hope

So from the essence of my greatest warrior i create HOPE.

This flame can be seen  from miles away to remind all creatures that even the darkest night cannot stop the Sun from rising.

Any creature that come near this everburning fire will be blessed with serenity and hope. This will boost his faith ( regardless of beliefs) and will give him strength and hope and fight again.

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Re: Divine order , Era of Mortals, Week number Four

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