Knocks on a door

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Knocks on a door

Post by Sanguine on Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:08 pm

Today the dusk cloaks come and knock on our neighbor’s door. She didn’t open. The dusk cloaks broke the door down. They dragged her out by the hair, screaming. You know not the Divine word, they told her. She screamed again and again. They did not relent.

They brought her out at the square, the place where they burned all those other folks. But they didn’t burn her. No, burning would be a relief. They tied her down and started skinning her limbs. They stopped at her limbs.
For days she suffered the agony of being left there with her skin flayed. She begged endlessly for a dagger in her heart, but no one would dare help her. She died after a week…

Today I learn I am pregnant.

My partner and I are so happy. He has started crafting a baby bed and I have started sewing its first toy. Days pass, and more people are apprehended by the dusk cloaks, they leave them in the square to suffer in agony.
Nevertheless, the days pass, and I can feel the baby growing inside me. My partner has started spending more time hunting and foraging to prepare for our newborn. The little one’s bed is almost finished. I have also made his first toy. We are ready to bring a newborn into our life.

Today the dusk cloaks knock on our door…

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