Nyama, Chaperon of the Forest and the Hunt

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Nyama, Chaperon of the Forest and the Hunt

Post by Nyama on Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:41 am

[Bio] :

History Living in the depths of the beauty of the forest she was born. Hunting for food, and food only, asking for forgivness everytime a life was lost to sustain her own, she survived through time. The moment she set eyes on this beautiful creature, she was just a servent from that time and after.

Losing the only thing she loved more than her own existence by the hands of the dreadfull monster, her true power revieled the Gift that was hidden within.
The Predator.  
Her true form came to the surface, making her senses more hightened, and made the Hunt easier but not also the fight. Finally though, she won. She was holding the heart of her enemy in her hand. Ready to devour it, she thought it would be better to see it every day for alla eternity rott, until it will be nothing more than dust.

PersonalityNeutrual, awarding, as much as possible, those who give back to the earth, and punishing those that disrespect the gifts that nature gives to everyone without a reason.

GoalsSeeking balance and respect for nature, fighting those who want to destroy the true meaning of life and creation.

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