Avatars and Tactical Civilisation Orders

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Avatars and Tactical Civilisation Orders

Post by Charon on Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:53 pm


An Avatar is an embodiment of the god. It's presence gives mortals a great advantage in matters of faith. At the presence of an Avatar the mortals will be benefited in matters of faith. The Avatar is considered to automatically provide guidance and assistance to the all worshippers in the same tile and help them resist "sow discord", "indoctrinate" and "convert" (conversion is an indoctrination from mortal worshippers, not by the god's divine order).

Avatars cannot be used in any way without the "Command Avatar" Divine Order that costs 15 points of Divine Power. The only exception to this is relocation. You may relocate your Avatars with a Civilisation Order as long as the relocation refers to the entire population in a tile.

Tactical Civilisation Orders

There are currently 3 cases of Civilisation Orders that are treated Differently.

The Order in Delay: This is an Order that is given in a certain round but it is executed in later time and under a predetermined condition - be it in the same round or a later one. For example a Godling gives an order to his worshippers to fortify their settlements when they see riders crossing the northern passage. The Order is given and partially resolved during that round and it is considered an "event". The rest will happen when the riders will pass.

The Readied Order: This order consumes one of your civilisation orders but it is only given when a set trigger happens. For example a Godling prepares an order to be given to a group of his worshippers when their allies will set sail From the west. The Readied Order is not given unless the triggering condition occurs. Despite the outcome, the order is consumed for the round. You can repeat the Readied Order on the following Round.

The Order on Hold: This order works like a Readied Order with a few essential differences.
An Order on Hold must be declared as such in the presentation.
An Order on Hold is given once and it is on hold until triggered or cancelled.
An Order on Hold consumes one of your Orders every round until it is triggered or cancelled.
An Order on Hold cannot be triggered on the same round it was given.
An Order on Hold can be cancelled by the Godling but the order is consumed for the round
An Order on Hold cannot be changed or modified afterwards
An Order on Hold is always untouchable.
No Godling can have more than two activated Orders on Hold per round

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