Creating a Sentient Race during the Second Era

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Creating a Sentient Race during the Second Era

Post by Charon on Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:31 am

During the Era of Mortals, Sentient Races are created under slightly different rules. The process is the same. A draft must be approved and then the race is posted on the Divine Orders Sector and the cost in Divine Power must be paid.
What changes is point limits and discounts.

A race must be built with a base cost +/- traits of 15 points minimum and 40 points maximum (5 points more than in the 1st Era). This base creation cost is then multiplied by 3.

Your First Era Domain Powers do not function so there will be no discount beyond the on board discounts of templates.

Races already approved since the 1st Era do not need to be approved again but the base creation cost will be modified.

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