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Race Presentation

Post by Charon on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:27 pm

So, there is a point-buy system to create the races! Still this is a game of Rolrplaying and Fantasy, so you have to present your creations goving the appropriate flavour.

Here is a sample of how to present a race.

Name: Whatever you wish.
Appearance: What does your species look like?
Size: How large is an average member of your species?
Lifespan: How long are their lives?
Senses: How do they absorb information from their environments?
Diet type: Simply put, what do they eat?
Habitat: What habitats are they best suited towards?
Reproduction: What are their reproductive procedures?
Society: How do members of your race interact with each other?
Template & Traits: Here is the place to explain your traits.


Create Sentient race, tile 2128
Name: Centaur
Appearance: Centaurs resemble horses weist down and like humanoids weist up

Size: About 2,5 meters in height.
Lifespan: 60 - 80 years.
Senses: Centaurs have the usual 5 senses, but their sight to see in the dark.
Diet type: Omnivorous.
Habitat: Centaurs prefer warm climates and planes where their movement is not restricted.
Reproduction: Male impregnates the female.
Society: Centaurs are organised in large hunting groups. They are very protective of their young and their hunting grounds.
Template & Traits:
Monstrous Humanoid: 22 points
Resiliency: Centaurs are very resilient in physical hardships.
Natural Armour (light): Their tough skin protects them from injure.
Unfriendly: their unique physiology makes them unfriendly to any one not of their kind because they hate other races staring at their body type.
Dark vision: Centaurs can see in the dark of the night. Total darkness is unknown to them but even at the absence of the moon they are able to perceive their surroundings.

Physical Ability Aptitude: Their muscle mass is increased make them strong. (2 points)
Territorial: Centaurs do not share their hunting grounds. (-2 points)
Tracking: Centaurs are born hunters, they have an instinctual ability to track their pray. (2 points)

Total cost: 24 points

You should post a draft on your personal forum so we can check the race before you make it public

Pay attention to lifespans. If you make a creature with a long lifespan or immortal ypu might be surprised in the end.

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