Creating non sentient races

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Creating non sentient races

Post by Charon on Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:16 pm

So there comes the first question. Sentient races give to gods worshippers, why should I spend points to non sentient creatures if they give me no power? Right?

Well, not exactly godling! Races (sentient or not) are an investment. I would like to explain a few things about the non sentient ones because they can prove even more useful than you imagine.

First of all as I already mentioned to some of you asking, there is no point-buy system for the non sentient race, it has a fixed cost of 10 points of Divine Power and you present them like sentient races.

Race-creation Application Form
Name: Whatever you wish.
Appearance: What does your species look like?
Size: How large is an average member of your species?
Lifespan: How long are their lives?
Senses: How do they absorb information from their environments?
Diet type: Simply put, what do they eat?
Habitat: What habitats are they best suited towards?
Reproduction: What are their reproductive procedures?
Society: How do members of your race interact with each other?
Traits: Here is the place to explain any exceptional characteristics of the creature.

The presentation is very important! It will help us and the other players to understand more about the creature you are bringing to the world.

Things that you should keep in mind!

  1. The Divine Order "Create non sentient race" allows you to place the non sentient race you created on the map in two tiles of your choosing.
  2. You can use or create positive and negative traits to strengthen or weaken the creature. Be careful though! We will check your creations and we will approve them as long as they do not defy reason (like underwater thermal vision). However we bear no responsibility if the creatures will get out of control.
  3. You cannot command or predetermine their behaviour without some serious explanation. They are non sentient creatures and they will act according to their instincts. They might interfere with the local ecosystem, get aggressive or simply leave the area.
  4. There are more than one points of view to this kind of creation. Some might create livestock or labour animals while an other would create monsters to protect a passage in the mountains. Of course you could create these races just for the flavour.
  5. We don't want to see Divine Orders about common squirrels and trouts. We take for granted that the map you are given is populated by a complete ecosystem of "normal" lifeforms in abundance. Your challenge is to give this world the touch of fantasy. Create monsters of legend, herbs that make you invisible or magical beasts that their blood is needed to make love potions.
  6. Try to think as supreme beings. Very powerful creatures might cause more than the chaos you are prepared to deal with, while rare and significant byproducts could start wars if not carefully handled.

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