Nox - Prime of Betrayal and Corruption

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Nox - Prime of Betrayal and Corruption

Post by Nox on Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:11 pm

Some say I was emerged at the dawn of the creation.
Some believe I was existed far before.
When the first seed of our great Fathers fall down on creation, I openly rejected it.
I was the first to object to it.
Against all rules, all laws and dogmas.
I am the very basic insict that hides in you all.
I am the hidden force in the very darkness of the Soul.
I am neither male nor female, neither good nor evil although I can be seen as the pure evil itself.

I am the force of contradiction.

Alone I spawned a brood of dark spirits or just all the spirits are inclined to me.

Beware of my greetings. Beware of the hidden messages that talk in your deepest shadow shelf. Don't ever believe that you have no shadow.


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