Gear, The Incomplete.

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Gear, The Incomplete. Empty Gear, The Incomplete.

Post by Gear on Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:10 pm

Gear, The Incomplete. Gears_of_time_by_majentta-d96c25v

  Domains: Crafts and Invention

Incomplete. Dissatisfied. Must finish me. Worship makes me stronger. Create. invent. Every object you make is a prayer to me.



  • Personality: Gear's problem is that he knows he is incomplete. He believes he was named the god of Invention for some twisted sick joke, so that the other gods could laugh at him. He cannot communicate as well as the others and he cannot reach his worshipers via the ways other gods can. Gear is unforgiving in the face of destruction and values imagination and creativity the most.

  • Dogma: His motto is the only way his worshipers can express their love to their deity.
    "Everything can be invented."

  • Goals: He wants to become one with the whole world through his influence. Only then he will finally become complete.

How unfortunate. Half-made. Take revenge on my creators. Soon.

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