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Post by Orabelle on Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:43 pm

Praise to be Wise

At the rise of the World, two brothers and a sister where born Wisdom, Knowledge and Mass. They just observed and waited for thousands of years to see life being created out of nothingness. Until one day Knowledge spoke for the first time
"I've learned enough to know the meaning of my existence"
No response was given by the her fellow travelers.
"I want to use everything i've learned but i don't know how"
Wisdom looked at knowledge and said,
"I can't say the same thing for myself but i one thing i DO know.. 'how'!"
Knowledge approached Wisdom and started dancing in a spin , they're entities almost became one when Knowledge stopped
"Sorry, but i can't keep myself from wondering, what if i wish to teach all i know to another life form?"
Wisdom smiled at her and asked
"How did You learn?"
Knoweldge "By sensing, percepting , reasoning and by emotion i think"
Wisdom "And how do i Know?"
Knowledge "intuition?"
Wisdom "..and imagination my beloved sister. You've got the blueprint and i've got the tool"
Knowledge "but how will i teach what i know and how will they justify it?"
Wisdom "Provide them with the tools, logic, sensory perception, revelation, memory, consensus and faith. Faith will be your only way to communicate with.
Knowledge "Then spare some intuition and imagination"
Wisdom "As you wish! Dance with me"
and their dance kept for thousands of years till they became one.
Orabelle was born!

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Mass, being silent from the start of beginnings sighed and mourmoured to himself
"Teach all you know!"
".. Learn the truth.."
"Well, our ways will cross again my siblings, coherence, correspondence, pragmatism and consensus! Individuality! I will always be there to keep your subjects on the right path for the truth"
and he self-explodes into infinite pieces

Believes that the sister holds the power and the borther is critical to achieve everything in the world. Everyone can be an ally or an enemy, thanks to lil brother Mass, unique perspectives were born even if the truth is one! Believe in me and do not repent.

To teach everything they know to whomever knows how to ask

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