Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week.

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Empty Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week.

Post by Caranthir on Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:03 pm

Here you can add your divine orders. Race creation, miracles , shape land or anything that has a divine power cost is called "Divine order" and you have to post it here.
Unique powers and Civilization Orders must be posted on your private domain that has your name under the "Halls of the elder Gods" threat.
I will make you a demonstration of a divine order.

"I shape land on box number 2345 , i am lowering the mountain and i am creating a big lake with fresh water in the middle."

Later we will make an example of a race creation.
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Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week.

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:30 am

Ok lads time to play the game  Very Happy

Lets get started .
Create Sentient race, tile 1830
Name:  Sminthians
Appearance: Anthropomorphic mice that wield tools and wear clothing.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Mghord10

Size: About 4 inches
Lifespan: 5-6 years
Senses: They have the usual 5 senses, but their sight is not that great and cannot see the color red , they have a hive mind telepathy that helps them coordinate each other, also they have a great sense of smell.
Diet type: Omnivorous. Almost anything from plants to insects, even their own feces.
Habitat: Can live almost anywhere but they prefer to live underground to protect themselves from danger and predators, they usually nest near food resources
Reproduction: Male impregnates the female a lot almost 10 times a year, they can have from 8-12 children their life is short and they reach sexual maturity after 2 months.
Society: They are well organized. They are very protective of their young for them family comes first, even after they grow they tend leave nearby their relatives, they are good crafters and their hive mind ability helps them to avoid danger that threatens their colonies and coordinate swarm like attacks even against the mightiest foes.They farm fungus,berries and other small plants ,their cattle are usually insects such as beetles and bees .

Template & Traits:
Humanoid: 20 points

Physical Ability Aptitude +2: They might be small but their body can perform unimaginable feats for their size , they are exceptional swimmers, climbers, jumpers, diggers and can withstand hard labor.
Mental Ability Aptitude +3: They are smart little fellas even smarter than an average Humanoid.
Adaptive Learning +3: Their life is short and cannot wait for studies they learn things at an alarmingly fast rate.
Animal Magnetism +1: Having a natural affinity with animals helps them to not became an easy prey for predators and also benefit from them.
Natural Attack +1(Bite): Their teeth are strong and can even bite rocks and worked stone.
High Fertility +4: They are at it almost all the time nonstop , females get pregnant almost 10 times a year.
Hive Mind +5 : The hive mind telepathy protects the colonies from upcoming dangers via the sentries that guard them , it also helps to coordinate deadly swarm attacks in order to defeat even the mightiest of foes.
Brave +1: In the face of impending doom were all hope seems lost these heroes never falter no matter the cost.
Resiliency +2: They are tough little bastards ,disease and hazards just don't seem to get the better of them.
Strong Willed +2: When you are tiny in order to survive you either have the balls to stand tall or you don’t.
Skilled +2(Crafts): Since they are anthropomorphic they have the necessary joints to use ,craft tools and weapons, they are especially proud in their craft since it is vital to their survival .
Heightened Sense +1(Smell): They have an excellent sense of smell and use it for almost everything, finding food, detect danger, socializing.
Love - Art -1(Domain bonus) :All "Fertility Traits" costs or award 1 points less.

Negative traits
Dump Magic -5,Magical Ability Deficit -4,Magical Vulnerability -4: They hate magic and scorn it , magic affects them greatly and they are not very good at it , actually they are not good with it at all , they might never learn to wield magic in their entire lives.
Tiny -5: They are only 4 inches in height.
Diminished Sense -1 (Sight): Contrary to what many believe they do not have the best sight and they cannot see the color red.
Territorial -2: Their life is hard and the dangers many that’s why they stick together as a family and protect it no matter what.

Total points 25

I am making this race in order to show the rest of the world that It's Not the Size That Matters, It's How Well You Use It Wink

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week.

Post by Nyama on Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:22 am

Create Sentient Race, Tile 1731
Name: Aranha
Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Aranha10
Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Aranha11
Appearance: Aranhas resemble spiders weist down and like humanoids weist up
Size: About 2 meters in height.
Lifespan: 40 - 60 years.
Senses: Aranhas have 5 senses like humans, but a more extended vision given by the original spider.
Diet Type: Omnivorous.
Habitat: Aranhas prefer the liberality of the forest and the shelter it can provide, but they can survive everywhere.
Reproduction: Sexual reproduction and the female lays 15-20 eggs close to their web.
Society: Aranhas are organised in medium hunting groups (20-30). They are very protective of thei young and their territory.
Template & Traits:
Monstrous Humanoid: 22 points
Resiliency: Their eight legs make them reflexively fast to avoid injuries.
Unfriendly: Their unique physiology makes them unfriendly to those who are not the same race because of their body type.
Darkvision: Aranhas can see in the night. Pitch black is not comfortable for them but even the light of the moon can help them control their close enviroment.

Multi-legged: With eight legs they move around quickly. (+3)
Territorial: Aranhas are very protective of their home. (-2)
Petty Apperance: Because of their weist down form many don't want to collaborate with Aranhas. (-2)
High Mortality: Not all the eggs hatch, and if they do not all the babies survive. (-4)
Natural Attack : Aranhas use their web to capture their prey, and to sustain it for a few days. (1st age power)
Total Cost: 17 Points

Aranha, a hidden hunter of the forest

Edited. Multi-legged is a 3 point power, instead of 4.

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week.

Post by Isilo on Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:20 pm

-Race was not approved. Please always wait for approval by one of the Admins before posting a new race.-

-Η φυλή δεν είχε εγκριθεί. Παρακαλώ πάντα να περιμένετε την έγκριση ενός από τους Admins πριν ποστάρετε μια νέα φυλή.-


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Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week.

Post by Phlegethon on Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:02 pm

Flame Spirits (Sentient) ( tile 2815)

Appearance: Flame spirit appears as a very attractive and beautiful female with long, flowing fiery-red hair. Her eyes are pale blue and her skin is lightly colored with a cinnamon hint to it.
Size : They are tiny , the size of standing cat.
Lifespan: 12-15 years.
Senses: They have the same five senses humans do
Diet type: They consume raw flameable materials like wood, but they don't acctually need to eat, they get every nutrition they need from lava and magma.
Reproduction : Οnce per month, the day after the full moon, they dive into the volcanoes lava and lay an egg that hatches after 25 days.
Habitat: They need to be around very hot eniviroments, lava, very hot deserts etc
Society: They live as a family , they understand the need for cooperation but they don't have Hierarchy, they are all equal.

High Fertility +4;
Low Mortality +4; Since they are made by fire , they are naturally immune to diseases, poisons and other conditions that may lead to early death plus they do not have natural enemies.
Elemental Immunity +4; (Fire)
Elemental Dependency -4; ( Fire)
Tiny -5;
Pacifist -2; Fire spirits avoid combat if at all possible.
Offensive to Animals -1; Fiery bodies make them offensive to animals.
Strong Willed +2; The have Iron will and Fiery Heart.
Elemental Vulnerability -1 (Ice); Since they are Fiery , ice is a deadly weapon against them.
21 points.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Cbd13ba937ef44f6ba5bb62a79eb5c21

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week.

Post by Orabelle on Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:31 pm

Tins & kers (Sentient)   (tile 1728)

Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. 7e900a72e31a24198057fdd9ba00e6c5

Appearance:Their appear to be tiny humanoids.
Size: 4 – 5 inches
Lifespan: 9-10 years
Senses: All 5 senses
Diet type: Nectar from flowers and leaves
Habitat: Forests
Reproduction: Their race consists of 2 sexes. Females (Tins) with wings and Males (Kers) without. Once every year (Spring) Tins search for a partner but in the end Kens are the ones to choose the Tins by dancing with them and Tins lifting both of them in the air; a sight worth seeing. Partners are lifebonded. Rest are humanoid sex. Tins make 9 to 10 kids each time in a period of 2 months. Mature in 6 months.

Society: Kers are fond of their family, that shows their belief that they gave their wings to Tins to be able to escape in a bad situation saving their children. They stay home to create and to care of their homes and families.
Tins on the other hand, who are the strong sex of this society feel bad of Kers not being able to fly so they use their agility to collect food and protect them.
Rare cases of Kers with wings may be found but they get exiled from their society due to their selfish decision of not giving their wings to Tins

Template & Traits:

Fly +3 __ Every Tin is born with wings. They are able to fly but their maneuverability is poor until coming of age where they get to fly as birds. Kers are unable to fly.
Mental Ability +2 __ Their size and life makes these creatures have a different point of view and understanding
Animal Magnetism +1 __ Even though they’re small and easy pray, animals tend to leave them alone or even protect them.
Adaptive learning +3 __ These crafty little bastards. They can use every little of information and knowledge into a helpful invention.
Tiny -5 __ They're tiny (week theme)
Pacifist -2 __ Their lives are short. They are not fond of loosing them for something unworthy
Elemental Vulnerability -2(ice) __ Till they come of age, their bodies are soft and uncappable of dealing with cold

20 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 1st Week.

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