Grandfather Machiavelcro, God of Family and Community

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Grandfather Machiavelcro, God of Family and Community

Post by Machiavelcro on Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:17 pm


Strife brings you together. Bonds appears where none existed, as strong as the ones made by blood.

The sacrifice of the one resonates on the souls of the countless saved in that moment. That act becomes the embodiment of everything they stand for, forever locked into the essence of the communal psyche, counted and recounted for generations.

The culmination of the many layers of word and ritual over time brought the divine spark to his ascended soul.


A being with a neutral good alignment, he cares deeply for his followers, feels responsible for the their fate and well being. He gains strength from the bonds they form with each other and goes to great lengths to protect them. This can be either directly as an avatar in a time of great peril or in a softer over time way such as inspiring an individual to follow a path in his life that will benefit the whole community.

He takes on the form he had before ascension the majority of times, the kind elder which guides and counsels.


Machiavelcro is still shaped by the scars of his past. He considers all beings to be of value but ultimately it is the good of the many ahead of the good of the one.

His goal is to create a safer world, where his followers can live without fearing for the ones they hold dear.

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