Amano : Mistress of Void, Emptiness and Darkness

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Amano : Mistress of Void, Emptiness and Darkness Empty Amano : Mistress of Void, Emptiness and Darkness

Post by Amano on Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:26 pm

Amano : Mistress of Void, Emptiness and Darkness Goddess_of_the_endless_void_by_razvan_sedekiah-d3h3vvn

History: Before the beginning of Time and Space, there was nothing, Emptiness was the core essence of the primal word, providing endless possibilities.But then, the clock started ticking and life filled the silence.
Emptiness was invaded.

Before Light, Darkness was ruling aside her sister Emptiness. But then, the Sun and the Stars appeared in the world, taking a share of her realm.
Darkness was invaded.

As the World kept transforming, Darkness and Emptiness kept losing their power. From their shriek filled with pain and anger about this loss, Void took a presence on its own. She hugged her Sisters so tight they became one entity.

The new Goddess drew her first breath, open her eyes and smiled.

'I am Amano' three voices whispered together, 'and we are here to stay'.

Character and Goals: Although Amano's domains may sound scary or negative, she is a neutral Goddess and does not wish ill of other Gods or creatures. Sensual and silent, Amano  represents the dark side of all of us. She sees the potential and beauty that we are scared to reach in the depths of our souls,the hidden desires and fears that we push too deep; these cannot be ignored any more.

Her goal is to make us aware of our darkness, embrace it and be empowered; that loss is a part of life and sometimes, we need to lose something not only to appreciate it, but also to make space for new things.
Once you reach that level of emptiness, then you are reborn.

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