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Post by Nyeroth on Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:54 pm

Nyeroth – Prime of Magic
Dominion: Magic

Nyeroth - Prime of Magic Wei-wa11

“Magic - Words describing it fail. Pages relating it shrivel. Tales recounting it end.”

It is known that when the World was being born, the Elder Forces wisely created the vast lands, the oceans entangling them and the air to caress the primitive landscape. In order to keep these forces together, in their infinite powers, they bound them using an etheric substance. When they were satisfied with their creation, the Elder Forces used some of the etheric substance and breathed life into it. From that, Nyeroth, the Prime of Magic, rose.

He believes that through sacrifice comes true power and tends to be loyal to his allies. He is respectful towards his peers, regardless if they have chosen to stand on his side or the losing one. As magic forces fluctuate in the world, so does his temper and mood.

Nyeroth strives to share the power of the etheric forces with his followers.

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