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Post by Nergal on Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:06 am

Nergal, Prince Of Contracts

Dominion:Destruction, Evil, Autumn

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  • History:

Everything has it's purpose, and destruction is as necessary, as creation itself. Nergal was formed through great destructions that had occured in the earliest ages. When his heart was beating there were earthquakes, when he was weeping of joy there were storms, his voice, the cries of many innocent souls caught in the middle of his ecstatic state. He can break anything he wishes, but that ain't fun...

  • Personality:

Although evil and destructive, Nergal is a god that keeps his word. And to assure that he deals with contracts. He loves to seduce mortals and claim their souls in exchange for gifts, favors and the such, and all that through the means of a pact(contract) that lasts an eternity. Core personality traits are his short temper (especially towards infidels), his "diplomatic nature, and his need of retribution to the ones that belittle him.

  • Goals:

Nergals goal is simple, he craves to see the destruction of a world, the rebirth of it through ashes, and when flourished, the redestruction of it and so on, until he manages to erase it from existence. Life and death, both mean existing, he wants to destroy something to the point of no return, where it would stop being.

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