Aura, the wind of change

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Aura, the wind of change Empty Aura, the wind of change

Post by Aura on Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:02 pm

Aura, the wind of change

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History: There was a time when the four winds soared through the air free of any control.

  • Boreas was the north wind. The bringer of winter. He had a violent temper and was really strong.
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  • Zephyrus the west wind. Calm and cool. Gentlest of the winds and the messenger of spring.
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  • Notus came from the south. The destroyer of crops and the bringer of the storms.
    Aura, the wind of change Air_elemental_HUGE

    And last
  • Eurus of the east, a wind like no other. More like a breeze, he had the scent of death. A cold and unforgiving feeling when he was present.
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But something was missing, they were not complete. They knew that they were part of a bigger entity so all of them started to blow uncontrollably, one into another and.... Aura came to be.
He could see everything and feel every little thing in this land. He was there when it all starter and will be when it will all end.

Personality: There is no life without air. I am everything. I. am. everywhere.

Goals: There are no personal goals. Not for Aura, not for anyone. We are all part of a bigger picture that we cannot yet comprehend.


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