Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Caranthir on Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:30 am

As i can see, most of you got divine power to create even two races. Its is time for you to create some faithful servants!
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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Lexandra on Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:47 pm

Create sentient race, (tile 1529)

Name: Tigerians

Appearance: They look like humanoids with animal characteristics. Their body is covered with thick fury hides, they have pointy ears, sharp claws and fangs, and a playful tail.
Usually they stand in two feet but they can use also their hands to move when they hunting or running.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 739fd311

Size: About 1,75 meters in height.
Lifespan: 60 – 90 years, they are becoming adult on age 18.
Senses: They have the usually five senses.
Diet Type:They are Omnivorous but they prefer meat more.

Habitat: The Tigerians prefer to live near lakes, streams, plains and deep forests. Τhe like warm climates as much as cold ones.  

Reproduction: Males fight each other to impress the females and females choose the male, which impressed her the most with his fighting ability. They are monogamous and usually they do 3 to 5 children.

Society: Their society consists equally by men and women. Both genders hunt to bring food.
They are proud of as a race and competitive, they work with the animal instinct and they like to celebrate every type of victory they get. The weakest of their race, stay behind in the safety of to the camp with the children.

Template & Traits:
Monstrous Humanoid: 22 points.
Resiliency: Daily hunting in the forest made them resilient to poisons and the harsh conditions they live in made them durable against illnesses.
Natural Armor (light): Their thick hide, protects them from injuries.
Unfriendly: Their manners are rough and their behaviour will be easily misunderstood by others.
Dark vision: Tigerians can see in the dark of the night.

Positive traits:

High Fertility: As creatures of instict because of their animal nature, they have other animal needs and some would say that they are doing very well in this part.  (+4)
Physical Ability Aptitude: Their physical build is made of muscles making them strong and fast.  (+2)

Natural attack: Claws. (+1)

Natural attack: Bite. (+1)

Prophetic Ability: They have the gift of insight. They get a glimpse of what will happen in the future. So they can be prepared for the worst. (+ 4)  -1 (Time).

Tactical mind: They are very good at watching their prey and make a quick strategy to catch them and bring them down.  (+2)
Quadruped: They use all four of their limbs for hunting. (+ 2)
Tracking: They can track down easily their prey, it's like a strong instinct, something divine which guides them at the right place. (+ 2)

Negative traits:

Offensive to Animals: The Tigerians are part humans, part animals. Because of that, animals are scared of them. (- 1)
Elemental Vulnerability: Fire. (- 2)
Elemental Vulnerability: Acid. (- 2)

Lunacy: When it's full moon they get so excited, they start singing and dance all night long, endlessly as if they are in ecstasy. (- 2)

Eccentric palette: As hunters they like to taste new flavours, especially meet. (- 2)

Magical Ability Deficit: They do not understand magic. They believe it's the way of the lazy ones or those who have no skill in survival. However they find great pleasure in seeing magical tricks and they often try to repeat them themselves. (- 4)

Territorial: Tigerian's territory is sacred to them. They are the prime hunters and they like no intruders. Nevertheless they will give hospitality privileges within their premises to those who will recognise their dominance and befriend them. (- 2)
Total cost: 25 points

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. B1cf6014

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. A405ce14

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Isilo on Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:29 pm

Create sentient race, tile 1324

Name: Sirine
Appearance: Fish weist down and like humanoids weist up
Size: 0,80m - 1,00m
Lifespan: 60-80 year
Senses: Sirines have the usual 5 senses, but their sight to see in the dark.
Diet type: Omnivorous included sentient race
Habitat: Sea, rivers and lakes
Reproduction: Male impregnates the female.
Society: Έχουν βασιλεία. Το δυνατότερο αρσενικό είναι στον θρόνο. Τα θηλυκά κυνηγούν κυρίως sentient race ενώ τα αρσενικά κυνηγούν ζώα.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Merman_in_blue_by_daekazu-d8gpf3v

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Gorgones-arxiki

Template & Traits:
Monstrous Humanoid: 22 points
Resiliency: Sirines are very resilient in physical hardships.
Natural Armour (light): Their tough skin protects them from injure.
Unfriendly: their unique physiology makes them unfriendly to any one not of their kind because they hate other races staring at their body type.
Dark vision: Sirines can see in the dark of the night. Total darkness is unknown to them but even at the absence of the moon they are able to perceive their surroundings.

High Fertility: The pregnancy period is 4 months. (4 points)
Low Mortality: Μισός άνθρωπος, μισός ψάρι. Επηρεάζονται από ασθένειες θαλάσσης και στεριάς αλλά οι μηχανισμοί άμυνας είναι διπλάσιοι και τις εξουδετερώνουν στο μισό χρόνο. (4 points)
Animal Magnetism: Μοιάζουν και συμπεριφέρονται όπως τα θαλάσσια ζώα με αποτέλεσμα να μην τους θεωρούν εχθρούς και να τους προσεγγίζουν με άνεση. (0 points) domain
Magic User: Τα θηλυκά μαγεύουν με το τραγούδι τους όλα τα άλλα πλάσματα κάνοντας τα να κατευθύνονται προς αυτές με σκοπό να τους φάνε. Ακόμα και αν θέτουν τα θύματα τον εαυτό τους σε κίνδυνο. Τα αρσενικά έχουν τη δύναμη να επικοινωνούν με τα θαλάσσια πλάσματα. (5 points)
Territorial: Sirines δε θέλουν να μοιράζονται την περιοχή τους. Λόγω μεγέθους διεκδικούν και κρατάνε με σθένος την περιοχή τους. (-2 points)
Elemental Dependency: Water (-5 points)
Size: Small. (-3 points)
Magical Vulnerability:Magic affects these easier (-4 points)
Elemental Vulnerability: Electricity (-2 points)
Reptilian movement: Just no legs (-2 points)
Eccentric Palette: Οτιδήποτε θεωρείται ζωντανό, είναι τροφή (-2 points)
Total cost: 15 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Chloris on Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:36 pm

Sentient race:   Tile 5231
Name: Asrai                

Appearance: These slender and tall creatures have green or brown skin and  hair and eyes at all varieties of flower colours. They are flexible and athletic.
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 5c132610
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 946d2310
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. A1151a11

Size: The shortest woman is at 1,70m and the tallest man can go up to 2,20m

Lifespan:  They live around 250 years. Adulthood comes at 40.

Senses: Heightened hearing. The Asrais know the music nature makes. They can understand immediately that something is wrong by the singing of the trees, the air blowing through the leaves. Their hearing is excellent and can only be compared to that of moths.

Diet type: They can eat anything commonly edible. Still, meat and dairy are hard for them to digest so they prefer fruits, vegetables, roots and cereals, leaves and flowers, fish and seafood.

Habitat: Forests of any kind! Be it a tropical jungle, an arctic forest or anywhere in between.

Reproduction:  These creatures have a slightly strange procedure as to procreate. Male and female must have loving or sexual feelings for each other. It is the only way for a male to pollinate the female through known sexual mothods. Then the female carries the seed in her abdomen for 6 months creating a cocoon of all necessary elements for the seed to grow. After the 6 months the cocoon is “born” at about the size of a fist.  After that it must be planted in soil for it to grow. The procedure lasts about a week at the end of which the baby is ready to leave the cocoon. Its size is about 20cm long. These creatures are the reason some races tend to believe that babies are born from cabbages.

Society: The Asrai are easy going creatures, at least with each other. They are happy and hardworking and tend to love their homes.
Their social structure is based on an elected council of both young and elder members of both sexes.  
Men and women are considered equals, each offering their unique gifts to the other and to their society.
Familly for them is sacred and that is why they are not in a hurry to create one. They are hard to choose a mate but once they do they remain together forever.  After all their ability to bring life does not fade as the years go by.
They are open-minded creatures, they judge things rationally and by the results and not by propriety or fear. Still, one thing is certain for them. There is nothing more important tha the balance of the forest.  All the young adults patrol the forest in teams, for things that can cause imbalance. They hunt the animals that overpopulate and reap off the plants that overconsume others. They take care of necessary but sick plants and protect the beasts that need to increase in numbers.  They understand the need of wood and materials and as long as nearby races use nature up to their needs they will cause no problems. Exhausting nature with no good reason is a no no for them.

Positive and Negative Traits:
1) Physical Ability Attribute:
being half plants these creatures can use the ultimate flexibility of the fresh branch along with the hardness and strength of a strong tree. Their physical prowess’s source is the innate understanding that these creatures have of their bodies.  2p.

2) Skilled- plants: The Asrais always make sure that the plants are healthy and well. After all they depend on it. And although the forest could easilly cover their needs in food they like to cultivate and grow the ones that prove to be more nutricient and experiment on ways to make them more resilient.  1p.

3) Heightened senses: hearing 1p.

4) Regeneration:  Asrais, when wounded, can grow roots that connect with plants and borrow their strenght. By staying connected with plants  they can regenerate even lost limbs and organs. They have to stay either sleeping or in a meditative state while doing so.  4p.

5) Tactical mind:  Feeling the duty to guard their homes and keep the balance in the forests they have to fight fierce creatures and menaces. Their minds are always on alert. Even when they are relaxed anything out of the ordinary sets their minds in motion.
The Asrais have the innate ability to see patterns and behaviours. When spending a round studying an enemy, as long as they spend some time in prayer and meditation, their mind opens and all they have seen becomes clearer with divine guidance.

6) Skilled:animals  They train animals, they herd them and they ride them.  2p.

7) Animal Magnetism : These calm creatures have a commanding presence. The smaller animals will answer to their call immediately and larger animals and predators will acknowledge them as higher on the chain of command. The Asrais make sure most animals know what is expected of them and make sure to reward them. 1p.

1) Elemental vulnerability: fire, they are partly plants after all. -2p.

2) Elemental Dependency:  Asrais need to spend time lying on or buried in soil so that their bodies can absorb necessary nutrients that they cannot take otherwise. The soil doesn't need to be something extremely special, but it definately must be rich enough to sustain plants and to be moderately wet - ( a soil that has absorbed water from the winter or spring rains, is still considered wet enough at the end of the summer). Plains, forests, agricultural areas, swamps or even rocky areas with enough soil and springs are great. Sea coasts ,savanas and deserts won't do.  -5p.

3) Low Fertility: As a race they demand too much from themselves when it comes for them to create a family. They generally prefer to have fewer children that they can teach and raise to be  honourable members of their society, than have many and not manage to give them the necessary attention. -4p

Total Cost 22

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Nyama on Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:45 pm

Create Sentient Race, Tile 5229
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 4dcc6b11
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 53274210
Name: Gatinho
Appearance: Gatinhos are humanoids covered in fur, so look-a-like as a lynx cat.
Size: About 1,80 meters in height.
Lifespan: 40-50 years.
Senses: Gatinhos have 5 senses, but their scent is hightened to track easier.
Diet Type: Omnivorous and attracted a little bit more to fish.
Habitat: Gatinhos prefer a warm and humidified enviroment.
Reproduction: With a race that reproducts the same way the human race does.
Society: Gatinhos are organised in large scouting-hunting groups. They are close to their babies until they grow to take care of themselves (6-7 years old)
Monstrous Humanoid: 22 points
Resiliency: Gatinhos have very good resistance, they do not get tired that easily.
Natural Armor (light): Their fur is really thick and prevents some injuries.
Unfriendly: They are very suspicious to anyone they don't know especially if they look guilty of something.
Darkvision: Gatinhos can see perfectly in the darkness thanks to the width of their eyes, it's like it stores the light of the sun for a use when it's needed.

Tracking: Gatinhos are born hunters, their hightened senses help them track their prey faster. (+2)
Heightened Sense: Scent (+1)
Brave: They might not look so ferocious, but if life or death is on the table they are the first to stand up for what they believe in. (+1)
Lunacy: Every three months, the Full Moon and the moment the nightflower blooms, trigers Gatinhos and they just start to mewl and either want to procreate or just kill someone. (-2)
High Fertility: Because of their Lunacy they get on it no matter what. (+4)
Quadruped: When their speed is not enough for their hunt, they drop in all four legs and give themselves a boost. (+2)
Dump Magic: They believe in the weapons that nature can provide, they are sure that their survival is secured by that, and they will never be positive to learn how to use magic. (-5)
Lazy: After lunch or any food break, they need a little more time from others to get back to work, they need to take a nap even for a while, so they can feel up their batteries. (-1)
Natural Attack: Bite attack, usually at the neck of the enemy, to make the hit fatal. (1st age power)
Natural Attack: Claw attack, with goal to tare the foes vains open. (+1)  
Total Cost: 25 Points.

Gatinho, a mesmerizing creature.

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Phlegethon on Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:55 am

Create Sentient Race, Tile 1609

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 57d679ba2ebe474993a86f46767a1e2b

Race Name: Firehawks
Appearance: Like an everburning small Bird.
Size: They are tiny, the actuall size of an hawk.
Lifespan: 12-15 years.
Senses: They have the same five senses humans do but they are specialized to help them survive.
Diet type: They do not eat they consume, they are made by fire. When the go for hunting , they consume flammable materials from the surrounding coasts to sustain the fire inside them so they can hunt for days.
Habitat: They need to be around very hot enviroments, lava, very hot deserts etc. They leave their nests only to hunt.
Reproduction: They do not reproduce , birds that has been killed by their fire have a small chance to rise as Firehawks from their ashes.
Society: They live as a family , they understand the need for cooperation but they don't have Hierarchy, they are all equal.

Template & Traits:
They are tiny. -5
They have elemental immunity (fire) 4
Fly 3
Elemental Dependency Fire. -4
Elemental Vulnerability Ice -1
Tracking 2, they are expert on finding other Birds.
Pacifist -2 , They despise violence with other sentient races.
Offensive to Animals  -1, due to their nature, animals see them as something to be feared
High Fertility 4
Low Mortality 4
Dump Magic -5, Their nature is based more on instincts so they will never use their mind for something so complicated as magic.

Total cost: 19 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Yog-Sothoth on Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:18 am

Sentient Race


Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Ab737087af961b349cb27a529afac1fd

Appearance/Physiology: Kenderlings resemble humans, however they are quite a bit shorter. Their general physiology is that of humans with the addition of a bit extra hair here and there. They have quite dexterous bodies (Physical Ability Aptitude) that allows them to perform several acrobatic feats. Kenderlings cannot wield magic as their creator deemed that should they be allowed to use it they would probably destroy the world by accident...

Diet: Omnivorous

Reproduction: Sweet love.

Lifespan: 80-100 years.

Society: A kenderling society is very exciting thing to observe. For 5 minutes or less. Anything more than that and you are prone to several sanity checks. All kenderling have an innate curiosity that urges them to explore the world. They have an eagerness and positive attitude towards life that makes them seem always happy. They generally are. They also have a fearlessness that makes them take lethal risks. This would normally affect their mortality however, whoever created them blessed them with immense luck granting them the ability to survive impossible situations.

They are usually welcomed by other races although the guards always seem a bit more wary when a kenderling shows up, as many things tend to go missing afterwards...

Small -3;
Physical Ability Aptitude +2; Kenderlings are Dexterous creatures.
High Fertility +4; Full of life, kenderlings embrace it and in turn try to spread it.
Low Mortality +4; Impossible odds favor these small creatures, it's as if they have the blessing of the gods!?
Dump Magic -5; Kenderlings have no capacity to cast magic. Even chaos has its limits.
Approachable +2; Kenderlings have a happy demeanor towards everything in life and it shows. Many would like to befriend them if only to share this happiness.
Strong Willed +2; Rarely do Kenderlings back away from anything. Not even to Gods.
Brave +1; Small as they may be, they are full of courage.
Trouble Makers -2; Well I'm not saying hide your valuables, but...
No sense of fear -3; None at all.
Total 22

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Yog-Sothoth on Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:23 am

Sentient Race



Appearance/Pysiology: Nurgloths are small bipedal octapoid creatures whose faces are covered by several tentacles. Nurgloths do not have eyes but perceive the world by sharing their other senses with other nearby Nurgloths (Hive Mind). When on their own they may read the intricate forces of entropy around them using their tentacles in order to get a glimpse of the real world (Blindsense). Their tentacles are poisonous on touch and carry a neural pathogen that may induce severe hallucinations (Natural Attack). Nurgloths suffer less from the plights of other mortal creatures due to their connection with the primal chaos. Diseases have difficulty establishing hosts in the Nurgloth population as their chaotic physiologies prove hard to infect (Low Mortality). Should a Nurgloth nevertheless fall prey to such disease it is usually recycled in the flesh fusing (see bellow) to produce several new and healthy spawns.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 09f1ba69a19bb3b70fb7773106516d0c
Lifespan: 35-40 years.

Diet: Omnivorous

Habitat: No special preference as long as it can support life.

Reproduction: Several Nurgloth will join together to ignite random mutations to each other. These mutations will quickly dissolve the participating Nurgloths and will start forming a mass of flesh called the Overmind. Once formed the Overmind may consume other sentient beings (including Nurgloths) in order to dissolve them into their primal essence (DNA) and start replicating them. Due to the chaotic nature of their species the essence will randomly mutate which will result in a newborn Nurgloth. Several Nurgloths may be spawned through this method (High Fertility). Overminds are immobile. Should Nurgloths need to move to other places they have to form a new Overmind.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 9297fa370179fe9110db0ac8aaa525ee

Society: Once formed the Overmind assumes general control of the Nurgloth population guiding them through the hive link. A hive without an Overmind will lose its sense of direction. Their shared senses of chaos interrupt their daily lives unless they are put under the direction of a hive mind.

To outsiders a nurgloth population under the guidance of an Overmind might seem utopic as they rarely have disputes among them. Their understanding of the entropical forces that guide this world towards a slow but definite destruction grants them an insight that may make them exotic to other races. An outsider is always free to join them in the flesh fusing that will make their essence persist in the slow decay of time (although it will be warped and mutated several times). They communicate phonetically with other creatures using whatever language they have in common.
However this chaotic understanding of the world also makes them vulnerable to other gods. (Immoral).

High Fertility: Flesh Fusings provide high reproduction rates.
Low Mortality: Chaotic energies grant them resistance to common diseases.
Immoral: Joining the hive mind is certain to guarantee newfound experiences
Hive Mind
Natural Attack

Total Cost: 28

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Nyeroth on Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:58 am

Name: Seuralvaroths

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Yuan-t10

Position on map: 2126

Appearance: Seuralvaroths resemble snakes with humanoid arms and lack any kind of legs. They tend to have a greenish/purple hue on their skin.
Size: Usually about 10cm short.
Lifespan: 200-250 years.
Senses: While all their senses are average, they have an excusite voice that can range quite a bit.
Habitat: They prefer forests where they can easily prey on their food but have no issues surviving in most climates.
Diet type: Omnivorous.
Reproduction: Every few months, two members mate and the female hatches approx. 10 eggs.
Society: Seuralvaroths live in organized societies. They are excellent planners and tend to hunt in groups - if a Seuralvaroth is seen being by himself, there are usually more of them lurking around.

Template: Fey (27)

Animal Magnetism: Their fey background and half snake appereance makes them approachable to most animals they meet.
Magic User: Seuralvaroths are adept in the ways of the Magic Arts and a number of them have some abilities that resemble spells. Examples include invisibility, control of fire (fireballs) and much more.
Change Shape: Seuralvaroths have the inate ability to change their appereance at will to any creature they want.

Traits (21):

True Believer: With the magic flowing in their blood, Seuralvaroths keep a strong bond to the Prime of Magic that is not easily broken.
Magical Ability Aptitude: They have a natural understand for greater magic.
Mental Ability Aptitude: Their intellect is one of their most powerful tools and they like using it when they can.
Change Shape x2
Natural Attack: Seuralvaroths have a tiny hole under their tongue that allows them to spray a gas to their foes. The gas is strong enough to kill.
Tactical Mind: Since their physical abilities are somehow lacking, they have been forced by nature to use their intellect to organize and plan their moves. They aim to always be a step ahead of their foes - exactly how they like it.
Heightened Sense (Voice): The Seuralvaroths have a highly developed vocal chord and tongue that allows them to recreate even the most complex sounds with ease.

Flaws (13):

Tiny: If the Seuralvaroths had been normal sized, they would had been a lot more terrifying - fortunately they are quite tiny, only standing 10cm tall.
Physical Ability Deficit: Their muscles are not made for battle and carrying things quickly tires them.
Petty Appearance: Let's just say that no race outside of a Seuralvaroths would ever fall in love with them.
Trouble Makers: The only thing Seuralvaroths enjoy more than creating instability, is doing it for a long time without being caught.
Reptilian Movement: They not only have the snake like appereance, but they also share the way they move.

Total cost (27 + 21) - 13 = 35

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Orabelle on Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:32 pm

Sentient Race     -     Tile 5215

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Latest?cb=20160224062943
Template Eareans – humans ARE the subrace
Size: Height: 1,6 – 1,8 m.
Lifespan: 60-80 years
Senses: All 5 senses
Diet type: Omnivorous
Habitat: They prefer land close to water and able to grow seed
Reproduction: The females get pregnant from the males. Pregnancy lasts for 9 months where 2 kids are born. They come of age at 14

Society: Their society works with Royal Oligarchy. The most capable and acceptable Earejin(using numerous of trials, most common is 'duel') is pronounced as King and his kids continue the line. If the royal blood disappears then a new King is chosen by the same principles. Everyone obey to the will of the king and they cooperate for the best of their kin. Even though they seem hard to work with and cooperate, they are not fond of war.

Physical aptitude +2 __ Strong body is made from intense training, maybe not for these guys. Something in their dna makes their bodies robust
Resiliency +2 __ They can handle every kind of physical hardship
Magic user +5 __ Some of Earejins kids have a special powers(it’s over 9000), gift from their god, being called S-Earejins, where they can touch the body of a living or not creature and learn about its life for the last month.
Tactical Mind +2 __ They know how to use their strengths and weaknesses combined of the terrain
Unfriendly -2 __ Their manners are the worst, they believe that they are the top race in this world. Just work under them and be needed otherwise get lost
Offensive to animals -1 __ Animals are to be eaten and be used for various works. Not to talk, not to love, not to pet.
Territorial -2 __ This place belongs to them, they’ve chosen it because they liked it. Trespassers wont be welcome
Elemental Vulnerability -2(Acid) __ Acid is not only extremely effective in destroying Earejins bodies but also S-Earejins loose their power temporarily next to acid life forms
Proud -1 __ Top race, work under them. Makes sense
Short tempered -2 __ This race seems to be constantly angry. They are not happy with few and their pride wont let them leave without having the last word

Total Cost: 21 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Persephone on Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:37 am

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 75018511
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. B09d6d12

tile: 1636
name: snow feys
appearance: small elfs with wings
size: tiny (-5)
senses: five senses, darkvision
lifespan: 120-150 years
diet: small animals
habbitat: snow forest - mountains (they feel protected there)

reproduction: males sign to impress the females. They are monogamous. They give birth 7-9 eggs, but 2-3 of them don't survive. They can give birth until 4 times per year.

society: males and females are equal! the males hunting small animals for food and the females protect the children. The females also find for home into the trees hole. They can do anything to protect their children

Template and traits


high fertility(4): the are having a lot of babies in a year
low mortality (4): since they live in a cold area diseases seems that doesn't affect them. they live in peace so they die from long age.
fly(3): they have wings
true believer (5): the habit tat they live is really unfriendly so they need a God to protect them
darkvision (2): snowing winters are really dark and they have to see

change shape: they change into squirrel so the can trick any dangerous enemy that want to harm them - lunacy: every new moon they get drunk from the mountains' spirits and in the morning they cant remember anything and 2 persons always  missing. But they don't know where they are!


tiny (-5)
elemental dependency (-5): cold
elemental vulnerability (-2): fire
pacifist (-2) : they prefer not to fight
dump magic (-5) : they can't ever use or understand magic

total cost: 19 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Azeria on Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:09 am

Tile : 4216


Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 8ffb3b10
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. D6926b10


Humanoid bees in form with a transparent line running across from their torso to their chest. From inside the electrical energy flow running through the Seileans can be seen.
That energy has different colors, depending on the gender and hierarchy of the Seileans.
-Blue, male worker.
-Green, male warrior.
Red, female worker.
Orange, female warrior.


Approximately 40 to 50 cm depending on the hierarchy (with warriors being the tallest).

5 Years


Eyesight, hearing, touch, smell.

Diet type:

They consume nectar and pollen from flowers and resin from trees.
As part of their diet they excrete honey and wax.

In forests, plains or savannas, typically in areas with large vegetation and a stable climate.


Both males and females exist.
They can reproduce by engaging sexually and after a period of approximately one week the female will lay an egg. After the female lays the egg, she will not be able to lay another for one more week.
The male can then proceed to either fertilize the egg or to leave it be. The egg will slowly transform into a transparent cocoon within which a larva will grow as long as it is smeared with nectar or resin and a full grown Seilean will hatch from it after 3 months.  
Depending on the conditions of the larva stage the following results will occur:
- A fertilized egg will hatch a male.
- An unfertilized will hatch a female.
- If the egg is given food every week, it will hatch a worker Seilean.
- If the egg is given food every day, it will hatch a warrior Seilean.


The society of the Seileans, is hierarchy based and all Seileans work together towards expanding and progressing their hive.
The hive is created using primarily honey, wax, rocks and dead tree branches on the ground level, usually around large trees, to ensure a basic income of food. Depending on the habitat, the Seileans, will either expand their hive outwards and upwards, or outwards and downwards. In rare cases where there is a large discrepancy in the climate between seasons, they will do both and use either levels of the hive depending on the season.
The females are higher in rank than their male counterparts and they are the ones to decide their reproduction partner. This decision is purely practical and considered vital for mixing strong genes together to ensure the future of the hive.
Warrior Seileans, are higher in hierarchy than the workers. They are considered the pinnacle of their generation and their task is to coordinate the workers, protect the larvae and the hive and explore areas for potential hive and/or food hunt expansion.
In general the Seileans are highly calculative. They will decide on the future of the hive in the most practical manner and will avoid any types of conflict that might endanger it, however they will fight to survive and it is considered a “given” in times of extreme danger, for worker Seileans, to sacrifice themselves in order to keep the warriors alive and thus ensure the survival and evolution of the hive.

Template & Traits:

Physical Ability Aptitude [+2 Points]
They have 4 arms.

High Fertility [+4 Points]
They will try to produce an egg on every uptime in order to expand their hive.

Fly [+3 Points]
They have a pair of double wings on their backs with which they can fly.

Natural Attack [+1 Points]
Inside their bodies a strong electrical current is flowing, using their sting they can either kill or paralyze depending on the victim of that attack.

Dump Magic [-5 Points]
Seileans are unable to learn or use magic.

Small [-3 Points]
They are small and thin in size.

Hive Mind [+5 Points]
Though the Seileans can talk, they will do so only when talking in private, for matters regarding the hive, they will always contact one another telepathically. The ones to initiate that are usually the warriors.

Territorial [-2 Points]
The hive is of the utmost importance to the Seileans, it is their home and nest that they built in order to survive and will do anything in order to protect it and ensure its future.


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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Amano on Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:52 pm

Tiles: 5030 and 2709


Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. B5582f8f480fbd2e16438f4b5f45dabf--naga-deviant-art

Appearance: Humanoid with 4 arms from waist up, snake like from waist down. The  average snake tail's length is around 6 meters. Their tail is covered with a number of layers of hard scales. The rest of their skin is covered with 2 of such layers. The colour of the tail varies until they reach maturity (at around 50 years old) when it turns to a deep blue/green colour. Although strong, the snake tail is quite heavy, making the Nagas not the fastest among the creatures. For this reason, they prefer muddy places so they can slide easily  and move fast towards their target.

Size:  The average height is around 1.90 cm.

Lifespan: 200 years.

Senses: Dark vision.

Habitat: Nagas prefer forests or swamps. However, they are happy to live in a variety of other places as long as they are near a water source (they love playing in mud or water).

Diet type: Omnivorous. However, as they tend to stay in one particular place, their palette is restricted in certain plants, animals or intruders. Not that they care about taste, it's all about protein and building muscle.

Reproduction: Parthenogenesis; female Nagas can fertilize their own eggs and thus have no need for males. They reach sexual maturity at around 40-50 years. Three times a year a Naga's eggs are mature enough to be fertilized; the Naga chooses herself to fertilize them or not. Approximately 6-8 eggs are hatched.

Personality and Society:

Nagas are a territorial race. They deem their land as sacred and consider outsiders as a threat who envy their home. It is therefore very common not only for them to be scattered around the area, but to be placed on strategic points to make sure the borders are not crossed by outsiders. It is important for them to be at their physical peak at any given time so they can defend their home. Their long tails, strong arms and claws make them excellent fighters and they get any chance they have to practice their physicals skills.

Although they do not need a male to mate with, they still long for passion and companionship.

Nagas consider themselves the bee's knees. They are proud of their physical abilities, of their home, of their family and sisters in arms. However, their pride and stubbornness can often lead them them to trouble or make them blind to obvious solutions.  If a Naga's ego is hurt or looses  her patience (sometimes both at the same time)  she will go on a non stop repetitive shriek until the other party pleads for mercy: this phenomenon is called nagging ( see what I did there? ).  For this reason, it is the patient, less stubborn creatures that are made chiefs of general, not necessarily because they want to, but they are more capable to diffuse heated circumstances or discipline/ keep the other Nagas focused

Nagas are also proud of their dark vision, something that adds fuel to their ego and make them even more certain that they are an indeed blesses race. In total darkness the pupil covers the whole eye, making them able to spot their target easily.

Traits: Natural Attack  with tail (+1)
       Natural Attack with claws (+1)
       Natural Armor (+2)
       (Physical Ability Aptitude) 4 arms (+2)
       (Resiliency to poisons) (+2)
        (Dark Vision) (+2)
        (High Fertility) (+4)

Flaws: Reptilian movement (-2)
      (Territorial) (-2)
      (Proud) (-1)
      (Short Tempered) (-2)
       (Eccentric pallet)  (-2)

Points: 25 x 2 = 50

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Machiavelcro on Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:21 pm

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 9c72c865456f9510098cd20e40fc6d52--knight-armor-character-artDivine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. XfeDV
Create Sentient Race, tile 4632

Name: Huskans
Appearance: Human in appearance, there is a faint blueish glow to their skin.
Size: Anywhere from 1.6 to 1.9 meters tall
Lifespan: 120-160
Senses: The usual 5 senses with sense of smell being less accurate than the average human
Diet type: Omnivorous
Habitat: They are native to mountainous regions and cold climates
Reproduction: Male impregnates female, biological parents are as much parents to the child as the band that raises them. Due to their low fertility, any child is seen as a blessing and great care is taken in raising him.


The community is divided in bands, which can range from 3 to 5 members. When a band is reduced below 3 members, someone will willingly leave their own band to join them. It is seen as a great sacrifice and cause for much honour to leave your band so that another may not fade.

Less common, mostly during times of war, the last remaining members of a band may extinguish their band and join another. This is seen as a greater sacrifice, but is only acceptable if unavoidable and for the good of the tribe.

The bonds formed between those of a band will never cease and is in part what makes this race so cohesive as a whole. Any one of them will have memories of who raised him, and who raised those that raised him.

The history of all bands are kept by their priests to great detail, carved into the ceremonial walls of the great temple, the links between each band and the heroes of each one.

Their last name is that of their band. If they leave their current band and join another they add the new band as their last name, keeping all their previous one as well.

There are no rules defining how many of each gender can be in a band.

Templates & Traits:

Humanoid: 20 points

Adaptive Learning: 3 points - The impending exhausting compulsion to protect their kin keeps their minds focused. Adapt, overcome, subdue, utilise.

Strong Willed: 2 points - "How can you deny the very core of your existence, the unspoken prayer that is the embrace of your child, the caress of your lover and the safety of your band!"

Resiliency: 2 points - "Pain can be tamed through familiarity, the body that breaks and heals takes longer to break next time..."
The brutality of their combat training is matched in the care of healing the strains caused by it. The suffering of the one can not be allowed to weaken the shield that guards the many.

Low Mortality: 4 points - "We are few but we endure".
The same condition that makes them incapable of using magic and have a low fertility also seems to prevent whatever natural causes make other organisms more susceptible to disease and mutation.

Skilled armorsmiths : 2 points - "Give me a strong shield, a good band, and the even the sharpest of blades will tire, wane and kneel before us".
The protection of the one so that the many may survive is perhaps not better represented than here, in the obsessive ritual of armour making. All Huskans know it to some extent, with the exceptionally skilled ones becoming a part of the priesthood.

Territorial: -2 points - "These halls are as much a part of me as my band. Never will they be taken."

No Huskan would let their temple fall.  The history of their people are kept there, all the heroes, all the bands sacrificed so that all may live, all the branches between each band so vividly etched...
And it would be easier for the temple to fall if the enemy were to gain a foothold anywhere where it would take less than two days ride to get to it.. That is their circle, that is their line.

Dump Magic: -5 points - "Let others play with it, this is not meant for us.."
The reason behind the complete inability to use magic by the Huskans is know solely by the High priest band. The knowledge is passed only within that band, and every one that has become a part of it has understood why they must know, but why it can never be spoken about.

Low fertility: -4 points - "A new one comes when Maha'kiavelcro wishes it. We live free from restraints and embrace the precious gift of every new life"
Conception is rare for this race, a biological condition with the same cause as their inability to wield magic. Not many know the reasons for this outside the head priest band.

Total points: 22

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Nergal on Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:06 am

Name: Foxling

Create Sentient race, tile 5439

Appearance: Foxlings are part fox part human. They hold a human posture, yet sometimes they tend to their natural instincts.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Latest?cb=20150715013643

Size: 0,9 - 1,20 meters tall.

Lifespan: 40 - 60 years.

Senses: Foxlings have the usual five senses, but they have a sharp nose.


Habitat:Foxlings preffer solitary, that's the reason they preffer colder climates.

Reproduction: Male impregnates the female.

Society:Foxlings are natural born hunters, hunting small game is the main source of food, while gathering herbs, fruits and other edible vegetation comes as natural to them as hunting. They are very protective of their young and their land, and therefore pretty wary of strangers. They like shinny items and, can sometimes be untrustworthy.


Tracking:Their sharp nose helps them find their prey.
High Fertility: Foxlings breed alot, it's in their blood.
Low Mortality: They tend to die of age cause of their unique immune system.
Small: They have a small stature.
Territorial: They are wary of newcomers and once they feel threatened, they use force.
Dump Magic:Foxlings are afraid of magic, and cannot comprehend the secrets behind it.

Total cost:20 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Isilo on Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:50 pm

Name: Apache
Tile: 4818
Appearance:  humanoids
Size: 1,50-1,80m
Lifespan: 100-120 year
Senses: Τhe usual 5 senses.
Diet type: Omnivorous
Habitat: Mediterranean climate
Reproduction: Male impregnates the female.
Society: They are ruled by a commonly acceptable leader. They are tightly connected with the animals, since they believe that divine spirits reside in them and that they are protected by them. They attribute their own abilities to the strong animals of the world (wolves, bears, tigers..) and it's common practice to choose such animals as companions. They will hunt and kill animals only for food.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Woman_10
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Bear10

Low Mortality: Their connection with their totems give them ways to fight natural causes of death. (4 points)
Physical Ability Aptitude: They possess the strength, the nimbleness and stamina of their totems. (2 points)
Tracking: Their Scent is equivalent to a natural predator in order to hunt as their totems do.(1 point) domain
Animal Magnetism: The blessing of these people is that most animals are familiar with their presence. They can easily use animals for protection or labour in expense of food and care. (0 points) domain
Brave: Have strong spirit. They are not afraid easily and it takes more to shake their belief (1 point)
Magical Ability Deficit: There is no magic. It's the totem animals that grant you power. (-4 points)
Territorial: They won't tolerate intruders in their ground. They will not let anyone hunt unrestrained or destroy their natural environment. They claim and protect their land. (-2 points)
Total cost: 22 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Nyeroth on Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:04 am

Name: Murlocs

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 13aae110

Location: 4329

Appearance: Murlocs look like small frog like creatures with large, crazed eyes.
Size: Tend to not be larger than 1m.
Lifespan: 50-100 years.
Senses: Their senses are nothing unique, but they don't lack anything either.
Habitat: They prefer building their villages close to water bodies.
Diet type: Omnivorous
Reproduction: Two murlocs stare into the eyes of each other until they scream "Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle" at which point a baby murloc is conceived. This happens every 6 months.
Society: Murlocs prefer living in small camps close to water where they use their magic to fish. They usually belong to a larger clan, to which they answer directly. Large differences (to Murlocs at least) can vary between the clans (e.g which fish is better, rainbow trout or trout) but they are all united under the banner of religion, as faith plays a dominant role in their society.

Humanoid (20)

Traits (15)

True Believer: A murloc without religion is his life, is not murloc at all.
Magic User: Murlocs have been blessed by the Prime of Magic and are able to use his raw energy quite efficiently. Most of the times.
Regeneration: Murlocs are able to grow entire limbs that are cut off, but if a scar is burned with fire, the damage is permanent.
Strong willed: Murlocs don't like giving up their faith - they have one, the Prime of Magic who gave them their magic powers seemed good enough and they like to stick with him.

Flaws (20)
No sense of fear: Murlocs feel strong in their unity and can often miscalculate the risks in situations.
Eccentric Pallete: Yeah, what the flaw description says. They like weird stuff.
Lunacy: Some poor murlocs have horrible side effects to the magic powers given by Nyeroth, causing them to gnaw on their own fingers until they remove them, everytime there is a fullmoon.
Proud: Some may say that Murlocs are ugly, small creatures but hey, what do they know? To the murlocs, their race is the epitomy of creation.
Petty Appearance: During a good day, the most loving murloc mother, would only throw up once in her mouth after seeing her child.
Small: They don't grow more than 1m tall.
Elemental vulnerability (fire): All murlocs agree that water is the best thing in the world. Fire on the otherside is something that they don't really understand and it hurts them to a molecular depth.
Mental deficiency: They are not the sharpest tools in the shed. And by shed, I mean the world.
Territorial: They really like the areas they have built their houses on and don't wanna leave.

Total points: 15

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Persephone on Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:54 pm

Create Sentient race, tile 1930

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Female11

name: goblin - monstrous humanoid
size: small
appearance: goblins are small in size with green skin and big ears.
lifespan: 70-100 years
senses: all five senses with darkvision
diet type: cannibal (-4), sentient creatures
habitat: the goblins can live even in forests or caves in the mountain. They prefer the caves because they are an easy shelter.
reproduction: the one and only love
society: they live all together in the caves. They have a leader who takes decisions about the races. Usually the leadership goes from father to son. The brothers always fighting to death for the leadership. Usually the female goblins are searching for the food, and everybody eats together. The male goblins stay back to protect the shelter. They make bats for hunting and battles.

template and traits

monstrous humanoid (22)
resiliency: live longer without water
natural armor: the skin is hard as steel.
unfriendly: they are dirty and thieves! I don't think you 'd want them as friend
darkvision: they are stealing from you when you are sleeping!!!

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Lob_go11


natural attack (+1): they bite their victims to kill them.
berserk (+2) : when the fight is next door they FIGHT NO MATTER WHAT!!
low mortality (+4): they live in dirty caves! they don't get sick. They usually get killed violently and only some of them reach old age!
tracking (+2): excellent sense of smell.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Mudhjn10


trouble makers (-2): They never follow the laws
cannibal (-4): they feed on sentient creatures
dump magic (-5): they live in caves, hunt for food and they all live happy together. No place for magic.
small (-3): as their intelligence. (haha)

total cost: 17 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Nergal on Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:21 pm

Name: Tundrians

Create Sentient race, tile 5133

Appearance: Tundrians male and female are both very tall, their high varies from 1,80 to 2,10 meters. They have pale skin and almost all of them wear golden hair. Their eyes can be of many colors, but are mostly blue. Most men are pretty muscular cause of the harsh way of their life, hunting, fishing, fighting etc. Women can be muscular too, but most women tend to stay home to aid the family needs.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. 2b32dec07e1ec0a51c81bc021dce3838--viking-warrior-viking-rpg
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. James_Ives_Viking_Raiders_0

Size: 1,80 -2,10 meters.

Lifespan: 60-90 years.

Diet: Omnivorous

Senses: They usual 5 senses.

Habitat: Tundrians preffer cold climates cause the harsh climate keeps the enemies at bay.

Reproduce: Male impregnates the female.

Society: In Tundrian culture, the stronger fighter rules. They have a sense of justice and a law system. You steal, you lose a hand, you murder, you lose your life etc. The Jarl(King) passes the sentence and the Jarl is the executioner. Fighting is common within their society, but not to the death... at least most of the times. They fancy drinking ale and having sex more than anything...not more than fighting and killing enemies, but you know... Their food supplies comes from the occasional farming if climates are good, hunting, gathering, and pillaging if needed. They do whatever they can to survive, and so they will. They honor family more than anything, they are loving parents and fearsome warriors. They wan't to have as many children as possible, and they(the men) preffer the sons most. The boys learn to fight at a young age, and when they reach adulthood and they are ready(12-15 years), they swear fealty to their Jarl.

Template & Traits:
Physical Ability Aptitude   (2 points):Their harsh lifestyle has provided them with a tough and flexible body.
High Fertility                   (4 points):They have alot of children.
Low Mortality                  (4 points):The are pretty hard to kill!
Βrave                             (1 points):They are hard to scare, they are the scary ones...
Element Ressistance(Ice) (2 points):They are used to colder climates therefore  they are more ressistant to it.
Territorial                       (-2 points):They defend their land no matter what. Everyone;s an enemy until he proves otherwise.
Proud                            (-1 points):They are proud people, they don't take harsh words lightly.
Unfriendly                      (-3 points): They are pretty violent towards strangers, if you manage to go in their land it is for a reason, and it's not a good one.
Εccentric Pallete                    (-2 points):They believe that eating their enemies hearts makes them stronger.
Magical Ability Deficiency(-4 points):They are unable to wield it properly, maybe it's the alcohol...

Total cost: 21 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Nox on Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:34 pm


Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Desert16

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Nomad_14

Sentient race, tile 2321
Name: Sandmen - (Children of the Mist)
Appearance: These humanoids are usually beautiful in their apperance but they can rarely be seen as they usually wear turbans and loose clothes to protect them from the harsness of deserts. Their eyes usually have a strong amber colour, similar to the sand, because they have lived on deserts for long time. Although Sandmen is a nomad tribe and they can live almost everywhere, as they are very resilient to natural forces, they prefer the sand to hide them. The are also called as "Children of the Mist" because they can become invisible, without using magic but using their strong camouflage abilities to hide them in their environment. They are usually short in height, but they use it more as an advantage to hide themselves better. They also have the ability of precognition, coming often in the form of prophetic dreams. These Sandmen who have stronger second sight, usually take the role of Sand-Shamans, something like the guides among the tribe. It is not sure how they have developed this charisma of prophecy.  Some legends say that may had happened as a God's mistake once upon a time, in the begining of the world.

Size: About 1,40-1,70 meters in height.
Lifespan: 50 - 100 years.
Senses: They have five senses plus one extra-sensatory perception.
Diet type: Omnivorous.
Habitat: They can really live everywhere on the land.
Reproduction: Male impregnates the female.
Society: They support their society and usually travel and live together. There's no big differences between sexes. Women can fight along with their men. They are very protective of their offsprings but they look more for the general cause instead of each individual's purpose. They have no leaders although they respect most the Sand-Shamans to guide them.
Template & Traits:
Humanoid: 20 points
Tracking +2 (they are great scouts)
Resiliency +2 (they are very adaptable in their environment)
Prophetic Ability +5 (it comes in the mean of dreams, it is a mistake or something given on purpose)
Nomad +3 (they use to travel very often)
Adaptive Learning +3 (they can understand things very easily)

Proud -1 (they have a strong sense of pride that makes them quite stubborn)
No sense of fear -3 (they disrespect any kind of cowardliness but it can cause problems as well)

Total cost: 31 points

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Nomad_16

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Atlas on Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:41 pm

Race tiles 2107 & 4213
Name: High-Elves
Appearance: Short green skinned with pointy ears, big red eyes and wide hideous mouth.
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. B65e0210
Size: 1 - 1,4 m
Lifespan: 40-45 years
Senses: Normal + Darkvision
Diet type: Omnivorous
Habitat: They prefer forests and plains. Any vegetation they can blend in is fine.
Reproduction: Male impregnates the female during an wild sexual encounter.
Society: They organise in gangs, no matter how big in numbers. Leadership is claimed by any means necessary. They are envious greedy and gluttonous, not the best neighbours!

Template & Traits:
Monstrous Humanoid 22 points
Resiliency: They are resilient to poisons and infections
Natural Armor (Light): Their skin is tough, equivalent to a fine leather armour.
Unfriendly: They don't like any one who is not of their kind.
Darkvision: Their eyes can see in darkness

Physical Ability Aptitude: They are very fast and they can manage great feats of strength in relation to their size. +2 (-1 war Domain)
Tactical Mind: They are cunning and try to find every opening against the enemy. +2
High Fertility: They breed... they breed a lot... they breed every time they can. +4
Low Mortality: They are hard to die bastards +4
Small: They are 1 - 1,4 m tall. -3
Mental Ability Deficit: They are not smart! -3
Envious: Whatever others have, is a good reason to claim it for themselves. -1
Trouble Makers: There is always a reason to cause trouble. Be it sabotage, a practical joke or a bad idea... -2
Petty Appearance: They are repulsive. -2
Eccentric Pallete: New tastes is their challenge in matters of nutrition. -2
Magical Ability Deficit: Magic require discipline. They are not qualified to appropriately learn magic. -4
Offensive to Animals: Animals find them threatening! -1

Total 15 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Lexandra on Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:47 pm

Sentient race tile 1628

Name: Time Lads.

Appearance: They look like tiny humanoid with pointy ears, big eyes and transparent wings.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. E61e6310

Size: About 20 cm.

Lifespan: 25 - 40 years.

Senses: They have the usual five senses.

Diet Type: They’re eating fruits and vegetables.

Habitat: Time Lads live near lakes, streams, plains and deep forests. They prefer humid climates.  

Reproduction: They are monogamous and usually they have 8 to 12 children. They can reproduce twice a year and they are becoming adult at the age of 5.

Society: Their society consists equally by the males (Time Laddish) and female (Time Lassies). They are protecting the forest and taking care of the plants, the trees so they stay healthy.  

They are friendly with other races and very playful with each other.

They form strong family bonds within their society; they take care of each other and prefer teamwork.

If they are attacked, they will run, fast. They will only fight for survival and only if absolutely necessary. They will throw stones, little branches, or make a fuss to disorient the enemies and drive them away.


Positive traits:

Magical Ability Aptitude: Due to their magical nature, they have an innate understanding and talent in the magical arts. (+4)

Fly: They have little wings that help them to fly all over the place. (+3)

Magical Resistance: Time Lads are resistant to the effects of magic as is an invisible shield protects them. (+4)

Animal Magnetism: Time Lads are surrounded by a warm animal friendly aura. Animals are kind of charmed by this aura and feel comfortable and unthreatened. (+1)

Prophetic Ability: They have the gift of insight. They get a glimpse of what will happen in the future. (+ 5)  (-1 Time Domain).

Magic User: All their existence is magical, as if mystical energies run in their blood. Time Lads can release a glowing dust from their wings in order to slow or hasten the growth of plants and trees.

The most skilled and powerful of them can even influence the same way wounds and natural diseases.
They do not actually heal creatures; they just speed up or slow down the illnesses or the healing process. (+5)

Negative traits:

Physical Ability Deficit: Time Lads are week and frail, their built is not suitable for physical challenges. (- 2)

Elemental Vulnerability: Fire (- 2)

Tiny: They have the size of a Pixie. (- 5)

Pacifist: Time Lads are a peaceful race and they don’t like violence. They will never deny their help to anyone in need as long as they won’t have to fight. (- 2)

Learning Deficiency: Because of their innate abilities, survival in the forest is easy. This makes them slow learners in daily mundane errands. (- 3)

Moonlight Powerlessness: In direct contact with moonlight they are a little confused and this weakens their magical defence and talent.

1. Magical Ability Aptitude.
2. Magical Resistance.  

(- 4)

Total Cost: 23 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Aura on Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:13 pm

Create Sentient race, tile 2833
Name: Avian
Appearance: Elemental creatures.

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Brittany-pezzillo-wind-elemental

Size: About 1,5m in height.
Lifespan: 90 - 120 years.
Senses: The usual 5 senses.
Diet type: Omnivorous.
Habitat: They can live in any kind of habitat but not in deserts or fire.
Reproduction: There are times when their energy starts to swell and they have to unleash it so they wont burst. This energy is so massive that it becomes another part of the tribe.
Society: Avians dont have the consept of family as there are no sexes. Their purpose is to flourish as a species and become strong. They tend to be really cooperative with eachother so they can overcome every problem.

Template & Traits:

Custom: 20

Physical Ability Aptitude +2 Their elemental body makes them really strong.
Mental Ability Aptitude +3 Avians dont have the traditional brain that other spieces have. Their way of thinking is supperior.
Fly +2 Flying is the main way of movement as they have no legs.
Natural attack (Iron hand) +1 They can compress the air in their hands so much that it feels like you were hit with iron.
Hive Mind +5 They can send their thoughts through the vibrations in the air.
Natural Armor +3 Even though they look like they are made of thin air, their bodies are more like a really compressed state of air so its really hard to pass through it.
Prophetic Ability +5 Avians can sense the smallest changes in the air and able to translate them in images.
Adaptive Learning +3 These creatures are able to learn easy.
Tactical mind +2 Again. Supperior thinking.
Brave +1
Strong Willed +2
Tracking +2 They can track their pray through the smallest movements in the air.

Low Fertility -4 They cant reproduce like other creatures do as they are pure elemental creatures.
Magical Vulnerability -4 Because of their elemental bodies Avians are vulnerable to magic.
Magical Ability Deficit -4 For the same reason they dont seem to control magic really well.
Elemental Vulnerability -2 Fire will make their bodies expand and hurt them.
Territorial -2 Mi casa NO su casa (mi casa no es tu casa for the grammar nazis)
Offensive to Animals -1 Their looks makes them feared by other animals.
Eccentric palete -2 They live mostly eating small animals and plants but they wont say no to some tasty bigger creature...
Petty Appearance -2 Avians give a dark and sinister vibe in the air around them.
Proud -1
Short Tempered -2 Even though they dont have problems with other species, they dont tolerate anyone making fun of their folkway or their beliefs.

Total cost: 27 points

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

Post by Freya on Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:51 pm

Race Name: Tuaregs
Appearance: They look like short humans.
Size: 0,80 to 1.,10 cm
Lifespan: 45-55 years
Senses: the 5 common sences that humans have
Diet type:Omnivore
Habitat: Anywhere that a human can survive.
Reproduction: Sexual reproduction, 3-4 childers over their lifetime.
Society: patriarchal society

Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Gnome611
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Gnome511
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Gnome411
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Gnome311
Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Gnome111

Template & Traits:

Resiliency: Because of their small stature combined with their fast metabolism they can quickly adapt to all kinds of weather conditions.

Diplomatic powers: Freya envisioned this race as one that can interact with any race. She granted them the gift of eloquent speech and a flair for acting. They naturally always know how best to conduct themselves in order to benefit from any situation.

Approachable: They like meeting new people, exchanging ideas, experiences and merchandise.

Nomad: They explore the world to acquire whatever they can trade, from raw materials to precious artifacts. Thus they can pack their life in one bag and travel whenever the opportunity comes up.

Skilled Traders: They make deals that satisfy both sides.

Mental Ability Aptitude: They can guess someone's intentions/desires are and come up with a tempting solution.

Magical Ability Deficit: They learn from experience and practice, their mental prowess seems more focused in the moment and whats in front of them, rather than the abstract way of thinking required for higher levels of magic. They are at most capable of simpler spells geared towards their day to day needs.

Magical Vulnerability: Keeping true to her nature, Freya deemed fit that a gift should come at a cost. This race is more easily affected by any kind of magic, be it positive or negative.

Pacifist: They prefer to flee whenever a fight is coming towards their way, and cannot be prevented with negotiations.


Total Cost: 20 points

Tiles 2129 & 4521 (Total Cost 40=20x2)

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Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week. Empty Re: Divine orders , Era of creation, 2nd Week.

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