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Divine Orders (Public)
Theoretically you can send as many Divine Orders you want a turn as long as you have the Divine Power to afford them. The kind of things you can order are extremely broad, consisting of most anything you can think of - create forests and mountain chains, blight the land with desert, create a race of sentient turtles or appear on the field of battle to attack an enemy army. It is recommended you check the Divine Power Index to gauge what you can and cannot afford or perhaps to seek inspiration, and if you are still unsure feel free to ask me.

Civilization Orders (Private - max of 3)
Each turn you can send up to 3 orders for your civilization that contain commands for your people to carry out. Whether or not these orders are relayed to your civilization as a whole or to a single individual (or group of individuals, such as a church) is dependent on you, the player. The former can result in more minor, subtle results but on a wider scale, while the latter can result in greater changes but perhaps with a narrower scope or greater degree of variability. The outcome of these orders (i.e. the degree of success or failure) will largely depend on the structure of the order (for example the way you make contact with your people and how you phrase your will), the worshipper's devotion to you, and a lot of variables that depend on your people's traits and attributes (you should not expect a friendly and approachable race to start a war as easily as a territorial and hostile race would).
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